August 2013

From: Christopher Rhodes
To: Chuck VanMaldeghem's crew

I would like to say "great job' to my co workers Keith Bryant, Messeret Tadesse, Michele Martin, Jeannette Rodriquez, Liban Liban, Dora Davis, Clifton Marquise Brown, Merris Gibbs, Raye Mchugh, Lashonda Lovett, Roderick McEwen Jones, Student Poshan Khakurel, Student Samuel Cruz and our supervisor Charles Vanmaldeghem for the cooperation and teamwork displayed during restoritive tasks this past summer. I believe building 7A and 7B meet the expectations of our superiors while satisfying the other faculty, staff and students making it a pleasant work and learning environment as well. Thank you again everyone for your efforts, cooporation, teamwork and Great Job!

From: Bill Landers
To: ChuckVanMaldeghem; Raye McHugh

Thank you so much for going over the floors and areas again. The parents and students I spoke with were most complementary of our immaculate facilities.

Again, my sincere thanks for your care and attention to detail. It is most appreciated and observed.

From: Reese Le Guerrier
To: Chris Furnare, Bill Brinklow, Sandy Spoor

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a fantastic job Chris Furnare and his crew has done for PATS in regards to making the upgraded changes to our parking lots.
As you know, there were a lot of changes in the lots due to the major construction over this past year. Bill Brinklow and his crew did a wonderful job at restriping and putting in the necessary signage for the numerous Handicap spaces so they are ADA compliant.
Sandy Spoor has worked tirelessly for us in creating almost 100 new signs for our Handicap, No Parking, and Reserve signs. She also has been dedicated in creating new signage for the entrances of our Academic lots.
Without the skill and dedication from the aforementioned people, Parking & Transportation Services would not have the means with which to operate our division properly and provide the necessary services to our customers who park at RIT.

From: Reese Le Guerrier
To: Jennifer McKee

I want to let you know what a great job you did for us in Casandra’s absence. You are a great asset to our organization and you did a fantastic job with our customers and, at times, under some very difficult circumstances.
Your pleasant demeanor and positive attitude carried over to our other staff members and it helped them to handle some of these difficult situations as well. You possess significant leadership qualities and I can’t thank you enough for your help.

From: Christopher Rhodes
To: Charles VanMaldeghem

I just want to take some time to give kudos to the FMS foremen and supervisors for their part in the selection of the Clipper and new floor finish we have this year.I believe the floors and carpets in the hallways,classrooms and offices look great through out the entire building of 7A and 7B.

From: William W Wadeikis
To: Chuck VanMaldeghem's crew

A hearty thanks to all in the teams and their leaders, for the great work done here with all the rooms and the hallways on 7B-4th floor!! The place looks wonderful.