August 2014

From: Bruce Austin
To: Michael Cavuoto, Brooks Langkans, Albert Conner, Christopher Rhodes, Willie Collier

Hello Michael and thank you for your note. Thank you all for your help in cleaning up the mess and determining the cause of the leak. The Custodians that did the carpet cleaning in my office moved all the junk I had piled up on the floor -- all paper items -- up onto the tops of the two desks thereby not only doing an incredibly thorough job cleaning the carpet, also saving all my stuff from water damage. 

I appreciate very much your follow-up. It was an inconvenience, but certainly not one that was caused by a person. FMS promptly came over to the office when we called in the problem, and immediately began working. And, despite the initial misdiagnosis, the problem has been addressed!

From: Amanda G, Amanda J, Bruno, Keith, Nick
To: Rizk Sinada 

Today we presented the Renovation Project to our professor, and the whole class was very much impressed by it! We decided that we owed you a very  big "THANK YOU!" and a feedback regarding all the help you have given us. It was really nice of you to make time for that interview, as well as point out the contacts of the other people involved with the Renovation. The information on the rivet model and the project you gave us that day were very important to make everything work.

Thank you very much!

From: Frances Chinnock
To: Charles VanMaldeghem

Thank you and tell the crew what an awesome job they did on the floors in the 2D rooms. They are always so great to be around.

From: Debra A Spencer 
To: Randolph Vercauteren; Johnny Killings; Nancy Moore

Thanks so much to the crew that shampooed the carpets on the 5th floor on 8/9/14. They really did a great job. The carpet looks like new. We don’t say thank you often enough. So thank you all for a job well done.

From: Brooks Langkans 
To: Kawanna Hayes, Jerard Wilson

I would like to thank Kawonna Hayes & Jerard Wilson for stripping the “A” level & 1st floor of building 8.  The floor looks brand new and there was even before we applied floor finish, there was a Faculty member who said he couldn’t believe the difference.  You both take great pride in your floor work and I am grateful. 

From: Dave Harris
To: Kathleen Rydelek, Paula LaFave, Jennifer McKee, John Moore, Sarah Klein

I want take a moment and say Many Thanks to all of you for pitching in and helping at the Move-In table.  To paraphrase Sarah, it is certainly an interesting people watching experience and fielding the questions.

From: Amy E Freitas 
To: Mike Cavouto, Donna Lambe

I wanted to give a shout out to Mike and Donna who came over this morning to rescue one of our Admissions staff.  The lock was just spinning this morning and she couldn’t get into her office.  She had to be at the Field House for freshman move-in and couldn’t get her materials!  Mike & Donna were over shortly after I placed the call and saved the day!

From: Michael Nixt 
To: Todd Crandall

I want to give a shoutout to Todd Crandall and his crew for being very professional when fixing my A/C unit.  I have never had anyone contact me in FMS to schedule a time and I thought it was the best thing because it allowed me to explain the issue in person and he could ask questions as needed. He worked around my schedule (I was an OA at the time) to make it possible.  He examined every component and was thorough in inspecting the unit.  If anyone deserves an "Employee of the Century" award, it definitely is this guy.

From: David Walter
To: Charles VanMaldeghem

Once again your crew has done a MARVELOUS job in our area!  The place looks wonderful, I thank you for making our school look so good!  Your crew is great!!! Yesterday when we had our flood, I gotta say, your crew was right on the spot in helping to clean up the water and clean up an office that got quite wet.  They were great, I did not even have to call them.

From: Heidi Nickisher
To: Charles VanMaldeghem

Thanks so much for cleaning my chairs!  They look great.

From: Mark Sager
To: Charles VanMaldeghem

I wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such a nice job for the Imaging Systems Lab. The floors look GREAT!!!