August 2015

From: Rose Wilson

To: Kenneth Preston


I just want to say thank you for helping us out with the immediate cleaning of the English Department offices over the weekend. When I came in this morning, it was a welcoming pleasure to see and smell the fresh smell of a clean area. Kenny did an excellent job on all of the offices and the entry hall to Sharon and my office looked beautiful. The new faculty member’s office looks fresh and smells great.  Kenny’s work ethics are not only exceptional, but you can see the care that he takes in preforming his duties and the personal efforts he puts into his work. Please believe me when I say that he deserves the highest of recognition, and I’m not just saying this because he is friendly to me, I’m saying these things because they are true. His outgoing personality and friendly attitude is a welcoming plus and I applaud him for that, but taking care of his job and responsible is the recognition that I am commending today. Thanks for a job well done and very much appreciated.



From: Frances Chinnock

To: Charles VanMaldeghem and Amy Swan


Thank you, Chuck & Amy. The rooms at the end of the hall look awesome and so does the hallway.



From: David Woodhams

To: FMS Custodian Staff & Bryan Smith


Last night was an adventure, with all the events going on campus we had a nice rain storm that made some nice water messes. I would like to thank Chuck’s staff that came to help Clifton Brown, Steve Rhodes and Amy Swan. Also from Nancy’s staff Long Tran and John Ponder. A big thank you to Maureen and her staff Sara Abera and Petrina’s staff Kenneth Chaffer. Thank you to Bryan Smith for your help. I would also like to thank my staff for taking care of the events and leaks in their areas. Great team effort from everyone. Hope I didn’t miss anyone, if I did I’m sorry and thank you.



From: David Woodhams

To: Chuck VanMaldeghem, Nancy Moore, John Killings & Maureen McGrath


I would personally like to thank Chuck VanMaldeghem, Nancy Moore and John Killings for assisting with getting their staff to come in and help. Maureen McGrath for coming in to help on the dorm side so I could deal with the academic side.

It made my job much easier to deal with.