December 2014


From: David Walter

To: Mike Cavuoto


Thank you for the update, and a big THANK YOU for doing such a wonderful job!  I really appreciate all the attention to detail and “extra” help you provided!!!



From: Jessica Erickson
To: Amy Swan and Jeffrey Kosel


I just wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to you, Jeff, and Amy. We have been so busy and have made so many messes… and you guys have stayed on top of it, without missing a beat. Jeff and Amy do a wonderful job and we would not be able to do what we do without them! :)


From: Lashonda Lovett
To: Clifton Brown, Messeret Tadesse


I would just like to send kudos to Clifton Brown who demonstrated team effort yesterday in shoveling out the compactor lift and also Messeret Tadesse for volunteering to help pull trash. Thanks for the support.



From: Lashonda Lovett
To: Jeff Kosel


I would like to give kudos to Jeff Kosel for taking care of a large coffee pot spill in Frans office. I appreciate the act of ownership, especially being that is was extra then his work load.



From: Diana Burggraff 
To: Elicia Drake, Mark Lindenmuth


I wanted to thank Elicia Drake and Mark Lindenmuth for responding so quickly to a last-minute request for installing a keyboard tray for one of our employees at NTID. The tray we had was missing little parts but Elicia and Mark did some on-the-spot troubleshooting to find the pieces necessary to make the tray work properly. We appreciate their ingenuity, hard work, and willingness to help us out at the last minute!



From: Diana Burggraff 
To: Petrina Brown's staff and HVAC staff


We are very appreciative of the FMS teams that responded so promptly to a ceiling water leak on the 2nd floor of LBJ over the weekend! I don’t have the names of the mechanics that fixed the valve, but please express a heart-felt THANK YOU for having that part taken care of so quickly! We would also like to recognize Petrina Brown’s team of custodians who did an outstanding job of responding to the leak when they heard about it. I don’t know names of all involved, but I know for sure that Aletha Thomas, Mark Morrison, and Cicero Jones did a fantastic job of extracting water, shampooing rugs, and cleaning up after ceiling tile residue collapsed to the floor; for those that I missed, please let them know we appreciate their hard work. Both affected offices and the hallway look and smell great! We were impressed with the prompt responses by FMS, all around. THANK YOU for your support!



From Kristen Waterstram-Rich



This past week, I had the opportunity to meet with a candidate for one of our open positions on campus.  She was visiting us from a prestigious east coast university.  As we were walking she commented on the beauty of the campus, but also on the cleanliness of the buildings. Although she did not get to see very many buildings, she was impressed that each building she entered was clean and well maintained. She spent most of her time in CBT (#75), where Lynne does a wonderful job at taking care of us.



From: David Walter

To: Mike Cavuoto & Steve Beach


Regarding the pipe leak in 7B-2040--thank you for all the updates, and a big THANK YOU for doing such a wonderful job!  I really appreciate all the attention to detail and “extra” help you provided!!!



From: Brennan Coon

To: Brad Broccuto


I’d like to send kudos to an FMS staff member, Brad Broccuto. I was walking back to my office in the SLC from Global Village  on 12/19, and somewhere around Gosnell, I said a quick prayer, “Lord, I could use some help right now, I could really use a ride!” I had just gotten a call from day care that my one year old daughter was sick and would need to be picked up. I had resigned myself to the fact that there would be no quick way to D Lot and my car when Brad rolled up in a golf cart and asked if I needed a ride. Such a small thing made a huge difference in my day and was absolutely an answer to prayer! To say I appreciate it is an understatement.  Thank you Brad!