February 2015

From: Marge Ryan

To: Michelle Martin & Steve Rhodes


I wanted to reach out to you and thank 2 of your staff here in Booth -

Michelle Martin - who always does such a fabulous job of taking care of our area and our offices!  And Steve Rhodes arrived to spot clean an area in my office this morning.  I had spilled a cup of coffee and had simply asked if there was a way to spot clean that area.  Next thing you know, Michelle is keeping me apprised of their intent to schedule it once the machine was back from another location. This morning they arrived and quickly took care of the issue and in the most friendly/professional manner!

I wanted to make sure you were aware of the consistent and thoughtful service we receive here regularly from your staff!



From: Nancy Drum

To: Charlie Velazquez


Our FMS representative, Charlie that handles all of our office needs (garbage, cleaning, trouble shooting, assisting with requests, etc.) is superb.  In this day and age it’s hard to come across employees that are as dedicated and take such pride in their work as Charlie does.  He is always on top of everything here – extremely efficient, professional and personable.  He has pointed out things in our area that we didn’t even realize (like water leaks) and helped us take action.  He makes sure that we are set with garbage and recycle bins always being empty and clean, he empties our paper shredder and he vacuums and we never have to ask him – he just does it.  He is meticulous about his work and everything in our office and it shows!  He’s also expedient – he comes in and does his job to perfection and he’s fast but not at all careless.  On several occasions delivery people have just dumped boxes outside our door.  On a number of occasions, Charlie has seen them on his route and he’ll just bring them in for us.  He’s always looking out for us.  He really sets the bar high with his work and I just wanted to share that with you.  When someone really excels with their job and goes the extra mile – I feel it’s important that they are recognized.



From Bonnie Wright

To: Grounds team


Please thank all the people who are working outside in the weather this winter to keep our driveways, parking lots and sidewalks clear.  They’ve had a big job this year!



From: Kevin Buck

To: Chuck VanMaldeghem's crew


I hope that you have not finished your employee evaluations yet so that I can put in a good word for the entire cleaning staff in building 7. Chuck VanMaldeghem and his entire crew deserve credit for doing a great job. Having been an operations manager in CIAS for some 15 years, I experienced only fair performance for many years, but since Chuck took over, conditions in the building have improved dramatically. He communicates extremely well, is responsive and is effective with his staff. And every last one of them are friendly and do great work.



From: Lashonda Lovett

To: Clifton Brown


I would like to give kudos to Clifton Brown for his assistance today with a file cabinet nit. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.