January 2014

From: Debra Spencer
To: John Moore and Jenn McKee

I would like to formally recognize and thank John and Jenn for collaborating with me on the FMS PA process. I especially want to recognize Jenn for all of her work on the documentation portion of the FMS PA process. I know at times I may have been challenging to deal with, however I wanted to be sure that the new format complied with university standards and still met your employees’ expectations. We all went back and forth a few times discussing changes. I also appreciate the feedback that I received from your Directors at the meeting in December. I think that our discussions helped to bring clarity and understanding to the entire process. I really appreciate the partnership that I have with FMS and I am sincerely grateful that I can call your team “my team”.

From: Alyson Jones 
To: Gerry Delone

I put in a work order, and within an hour & a half it was taken care of. The faucets work perfectly now --- thanks so much for such fabulous service!

From: David Hathaway 
To: Kawanna Hayes, Gerard Wilson, Mike Covington, Vance Edwards and Eric Bagne

I need to take a moment this morning to thank Kawanna Hayes and Gerard Wilson for their truly hard work and extrordinary effort in waxing almost 4000 sq. ft. of floor in bldg. 9 last week. I know that this type of personnel shift has a cascade effect in workload so I also need to thank Mike Covington, Vance Edwards and Eric Bagne. These people not only picked up the additional load, not only threw themselves into the waxing fray in the machine shop on Friday, but also do a fantastic job daily keeping bldg. 9 a pleasant place to work. Last week was an excellent example of what can be done when two departments cooperate. We worked hard to get the rooms empty and the FMS folks, especially Kawanna and Gerard worked even harder prepping and waxing floors. All of this comes together to provide a safe and enjoyable work environment. I could go on but I simply needed to acknowledge the effort of these people.

From: Melvin Linthicum
To: Amy Swan and Lashonda Lovett

Amy and Lashonda were both helpful to me in resolving this issue, I did contact Amy on Friday to see if you had any small pieces of walk off mats I could have. Lashonda was able to locate a small walk off mat that was ideal for that area over in building 75. I really appreciate their cooperation and quick response!

From: Julie Hawk 
To: Plowing and Shoveling Crews

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated all the hard work your folks did to get the campus ready this morning. It was not the ideal day to welcome the students back to say the least! I came into campus from John street onto Wiltsie and the roads were far better on campus than in Henrietta.  The walkways and entrances were all clear and easily accessible.

From: Wesley Blue 
To:Elicia Drake

I want to commend Ms. Drake for a job well done. She was communicative about the progress of the project, described issues they faced, and then found a solution that allowed them to complete the installation. Ms. Drake went above and beyond in making sure the project is completed in a satisfactory manner and it was more than what I had expected. Ms Drake did a very good job.