January 2015

From: Michael Kotlarchyk

To: Grounds crew & Bruce Teuscher


A few nights ago after the very heavy snowfall, the RIT Observatory driveway and parking lot and walkways were covered with a thick layer of snow.   The instructor contacted Chris Furnare in FMS that evening, and they sent out a tractor to try to plow things for the nighttime Astronomy class very promptly.  Alas, because of the difficult conditions, the tractor fell into a ditch as it was plowing, so then FMS sent out a bigger truck to pull the tractor out of the ditch.  The instructor, the RIT Observatory Director, and the School of Physics & Astronomy greatly appreciate the timely response and all the effort to help us and our students out.

Also, several weeks ago, the light bulb in one of the outdoor lamps at the Observatory burned out.  We didn't have any spares available, and this lamp illuminates an outdoor walkway for the night classes held at the Observatory, so it's important for student safety.  Chris provided a new bulb very quickly.