July 2015

From: Lorrie Frear

To: Charles VanMaldeghem's Crew


I just wanted to let you know that your crew on Booth Hall has been super wonderful to me several times this past year in pitching in to clean the floors and other tasks when needed. This week, this crew polished the floors to room "studio One" on the third floor and moved the furniture back in exactly where we wanted it to go. This group includes: Amy Swan (super great) Poshen, Tadesse, Messeret, Mitch Hodgins and Steve Rhodes.

Thanks; just thought you should know they are fantastic.



From: Marry Mulligan

To: Charles VanMaldeghem's Crew


You and the staff are the best, Chuck! I know you guys are working away like crazy; thanks for the floor clean up at the office.

Thanks to all!



From: Mary Golden

To: Charles VanMaldeghem's Crew


Just wanted to send a big THANK YOU out to Chuck and his folks. The studio looks great with the carpet cleaned and desks wiped off. Huge improvement.



From: John Eldridge

To: Charles VanMaldeghem's Crew


Chuck's staff did a great job cleaning and waxing the lab and hallway areas of the School of Media Sciences in Gannett Hall. Thank you to all of them.