June 2014

From: Lisa Stein 
To: Various FMS Staff

I would like to acknowledge your staff with their help for the Indian Classical Dance Solo event that was held here on Saturday.  Everyone did a terrific job especially with accommodating some of the last minute changes! I especially want to thank the following staff: Paula LaFave- Paula was taking my phone calls on Saturday and coordinating with the rental company some last minute items that the client wanted. Kathleen Rydelek- Helping me with some changes/ request while Paula was on vacation the week leading up to the event. David Woodhams and Team- For making sure the cafeteria was set-up perfectly for the dinner, resetting it that night and waiting for McCarthy’s to come and get all of the rentals out. Paula Gaudalope- For being so meticulous and making sure the restrooms, Ingle Aud and SAU Lobby were in perfect shape during the event. Rich Stein- (I know I may be partial but…) For cooling the Auditorium stage at the request for the dancer and musicians (those stage lights are brutal!) And making sure the temp was perfect for he audience! So many guests commented on how great and comfortable the facilities were. Needless to say, they were very impressed!

From: David Stevens 
To: Jim Shelton

 Jim is always accessible, approachable, accommodating and he does it all with a very positive demeanor. Jim is always expedient with his initial response and follow-up. The quality of his work is always extremely high and the work area is maintained in an orderly and tidy manner. Jim is an extremely diligent and hard worker and I am grateful for the personal and professional bond that we have formed over the last seven years.  I recently (today) was able to regain air conditioning in my office due to his diligent and thoughtful work on my machine (he wanted to get it finished for me before the heat wave hits next week).

From: Mark Gaul 
To: Don Gray

First, this morning I noticed Don cleaning the long set of stairs here in Gosnell  from the first floor to the James Atrium.  I don’t know if this was an assigned task or not, but it took him a long while. If it were not for wear, I would have said the steps were new.  They have not looked this good in my ten years here.  Second, Don’s overall nature is very congenial and friendly.  This is important to me personally, because no matter how stressed my day may be, running into Don and receiving a smile and a hello helps improve my disposition.  I’m very happy and proud that Don is a member of the RIT family.

From: Jeannette Giagios 
To: Althea Williams

We used to have Althea in our area and always had a completely clean department. Now that she is helping cover for the summer she is again taking as good care of everything as she has in the past. We truly appreciate all of her hard work, as we know this time of the year it is not always easy on the custodians.