June 2015

From: Paul Smarsh

To: Pierre Monette & Michael Dellefave


Just a note of appreciation for the job well done by Pierre and Mike yesterday on our ice machines. We discovered, mid-morning, that we had particles from what we suspect was a faulty water filter affecting the functioning of our ice machines and the quality of water from our sinks. Pierre and Mike went above and beyond in hustling to flush the ice machines clear of particles, emptying the contaminated ice from the machines (not an easy job) and refilling the machines. They also replaced a filter and worked with Greg Wiggins in troubleshooting the source of the problem. Pierre and Mike were determined to make sure that the quality of the ice and water was suitable for consumption.

All this was accomplished before opening at 11:00 am. Due to Pierre and Mike’s hard work we were able to open uninterrupted and with the same level of service our customers expect.

A job well done! Thanks everyone!