March 2015

From: Daniel Stafford

To: Immy Vidas & Jessie Cowd


Mega kudos to Immy for taking care of the immediate problem.  He truly is a wonderful person, so responsive and professional, and just a nice all-round guy.  FMS and RIT are truly blessed to have Immy on your team.  

I met up with Immy and Jessie this morning and they shared the plan of temporarily covering entrance with plywood.  We are hosting a lot of family members and graduates tomorrow and Friday for Commencement Receptions and I asked Immy and Jesse to avoid laying plywood in the front entrance if possible and they figured out a way to secure the existing metal grates thus, it looks great and seems to be holding up well.  Their ingenuity is awesome!



From: Jeannette Rodriguez de Diaz

To: Charles VanMaldeghem


I just want to say thank you to the coworker, who worked in my area during my absence, they did great job.



From: David Walter

To: Charles VanMaldeghem & Crew


Just wanted to express thanks to Chuck and his crew, Clifton Brown, Amy Swan, LaShonda Lovett, they always do a great job in our area and they were very helpful for us to make sure all looked great for our visitors from NASAD!

I know I speak for all of us here, thank you, it is very much appreciated!



From: John Weas

To: Ground and Maintenance


Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for promptly removing the headless horse outside of Margaret’s House early this morning before our young children arrived to see its altered state.  I tremendously appreciate the sensitive shown by your grounds and maintenance staff.  It is wonderful to have such thoughtful and caring colleagues!



From: Melvin Linthicum

To: Melvin Linthicum's Crew


Thank you for demonstrating the continued commitment and hard work required to achieve excellence and success. By working together as a team.



From: Cathy Rappazzo

To: Sandy Spoor


I would just like to say that she always does an awesome job. Sandy is friendly, great to work with, and incredibly efficient. I recently submitted a couple of last-minute sign requests and she had turned them around barely minutes after I hit the ‘send’ key. Sandy fixed the wall plaque outside our office so fast I swear she must have teleported here from building 99 to do it. She’s like a little sign ninja! We really appreciate the excellent work that she does.



From: Marvin Keller

To: FMS Response Team


Saturday I was called by public safety at 1:50pm and they told me that there was a flood on the 9th fl. Of Sol Heumann and that I needed as many people as I could to extract the water. I called John Killings and explained him what was told to me. John advised me to get someone out there as soon as possible to assess the damage. I called Amy Swan and she reached the campus within 15 minutes and called me back and told me that it was bad and we needed people out there. We were able to get 7 employees on scene on a short notice (Amy Swan, Nerida Vargas, Richard Gray, Elisha Abrams, Harvey Jones, Michael McDonald, and Joe Hendricks). These employees worked diligently to extract the water from the carpeted rooms and hallways to avoid further damage until All Pro made it on scene and took over. John Killings, Marvin Keller, Willie Collier, Dave Harris, and Bill Drum were also on scene assisting. I’d like to thank everyone involved in this clean up.



From: Derek Sylvester

To: FMS Response Team


I would like to second Marvin’s praises for the issue we had over the weekend and thank everyone involved. I spent some time walking through the rooms and halls that were affected by the flood on building 47. It was clear that due to the quick response by all of you, we were able to minimize the amount of damage that was done. I don’t think that we could have done it any better. Hopefully something like this never happens again, but it’s reassuring to know that if it does we have the people with the knowledge, skill and dedication to ensure that the problem is corrected. I can’t thank you all enough.



From: Karey Pine

To: FMS Team


THANKS TO ALL for hanging the banner for our Tiger Trail runners' welcome home despite the short notice!  It really looks fantastic!  What a fitting welcome home for our runners.