May 2014

From: Susan Miller 
To: Aletha Williams 

I would like to take this opportunity to say that Ms. Aletha Willams is one of the most wonderful people I know here at RIT/NTID.  On a daily basis, Ms. Williams greets everyone with a smile and a hello. She is very conscientious and does a very thorough job cleaning and maintaining the Associate VP’s area (i.e., cleaning the kitchen, dusting on top of the partitions/cabinets, vacuuming, etc.). There are so many adjectives that could describe Ms. Williams, but two that come to mind are respectful and kind. You mention her name to anyone and their first words are, “she is GOOD and is so nice!”. It is not a minuscule service that Ms. Williams provides to the folks in LBJ, and I truly see her as an asset to FMS and RIT as a whole. I am so happy that NTID has been graced with Ms. Williams!

From: Bill Landers
To: Chuck VanMaldeghem, Amy Swan; Lashonda Lovett

Thanks so much Chuck.  We really appreciate what you and your crew do in keeping our facility looking good. It clearly is the benchmark standard against other film schools. The collective pride and care is apparent. Thank You!

From: Jessica Ecock 
To: Kathleen Rydelek

The Wellness in Alcohol & Drug Education (WADE) Team would like to extend a big “thank you” for your support of the 2014 Dance in the Dark event.  We estimate that around 500 students came out to dance and have fun, and almost 100 did an activity to learn about safer drinker tips. Without your department’s help, this would not have been achieved. It is great to know campus partners like you exist, in order to provide support to our students.

From: John Koenig
To: Dora Davis

Thank you so much for getting a hold of me! I have 3 weeks left at RIT, and I had never lost that ID.  I'm glad it made its way back. 

From: Nikki Cherry
To: David Travaglini

Like many others on campus, I was expecting a package to be delivered last Friday, May 2, for Imagine RIT.  I called David a couple of days prior and he told me to call him when I was notified my packages were delivered.  I did so on Friday morning, he dropped whatever he was doing to go search for my items, and had them both over to me in less than 30 minutes!!  He was a lifesaver and did it without a grumble or complaint.  I was concerned I would not receive our items in time, but thanks to David, I didn't have to worry about that a bit.  

From: Sarah Klein 
To: Ed Davin and Mike Vink

I really appreciated their time, expertise, and willingness to show me what they do. It shows they take pride in their work and being part of the RIT FMS team. I know it's not easy to have someone tagging along asking you  what you do, but they both were very nice about it. Kudos!

From: Brooks Langkans 
To: Doris Maxwell and Maurice Rice

I would like to thank you for the additional work and time spent in helping us transition from the winter months to Spring.  The extraction of our entry walk-off mats helps ensure that we are prepared for the next winter season.  I know that initially as you looked down the hall and around the corner, you may have felt  this was a task that may have taken more time than expected but you attacked it anyway.  I knew that your work ethic and decision making skills would result in a job well done.  I appreciate all that you do 

From: Brooks Langkans 
To: Donald Gray

I would like to thank you for taking the initiative in monitoring the condition of the garbage corral located between building 8 and 5.  Last week you brought to my attention that there was a problem with the doors to the corral which resulted in a large buildup of trash due to the operator not being able to open the doors.  In addition to sharing that important information, you also took the initiative to lubricate the stake and open the door so that when the refuse truck returned, he was able to properly remove all of the waste.  Thank you Donald for your attention to detail and ownership of the situation.

From: Jason Stryker 
To: John Coughlin, Ryan Crittenden, Brian Herke, and Elicia Drake

Both Thanh Hoang and I have called on them to perform a variety of tasks; big, small, and maybe even a little “crazy” over the last few years to help us maintain The Wallace Center and they have all responded quickly and with a smile on their face.  This does not even take into account the exceptional skill at which they performed their duties, allowing us to know that once a task is compete we know we will not have to revisit it for many years to come.

From: Kim Shearer 
To: Randolph Vercauteren and Willie Collier

A great big THANK YOU to you – Willie and his team did a fabulous job getting our windows cleaned.  I never imagined that they would be able to reach the entire lower bank of the atrium windows.  Those were the ones that were especially dirty. What a tremendous, dedicated group of people who changed their normal schedule to make this happen for us. On behalf of the entire GCCIS team, we truly appreciate it.

From: Dr. Barry Culhane
To: Paula LaFave, Kathleen Rydelek, Facilities Management Services

 Imagine RIT happens because of the tremendous efforts by the entire RIT community and other friends of RIT.  It is a success each year because at the core of the RIT experience we are driven by innovation and creativity. Together we defeated the potential weather jinx. It is in this context that we invite you to join us Saturday, May 2, 2015, for our eighth Imagine RIT, where we will display even bigger, better and more creative, innovative work where the left brain meets the right and our community comes together to experience ideas coming alive.  The quality continues to increase and the “wow” factor gets better and better for each exhibit.  We will continue to explore ways we can share this tangible feeling of interactive creativity to a broader audience.  When it comes to innovation, as Peter Drucker stated, "the best way to predict the future is to create it."  That is what we do at RIT!

From: Susan Provenzano 
To: Facilities Management Services

Another Commencement Weekend has come and gone and once again, it was a wildly successful weekend.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the efforts of each and every one of you…as well as the many, many staff who worked with you to support the weekend’s events.  It is a tremendous undertaking and because it goes so well every year, I think some of us forget just how much time, energy, blood, sweat, tears, and dedication it takes to make it all work.  I get a lot of the credit for the weekend but I know (and I tell anyone who will listen) that it truly is a team effort and there is no better team than ours.  No one person can do it all and without your commitment and your leadership to those who work with you, the weekend would not work.  I count my lucky stars every day for working with such amazing people!!   So, in addition to my thanks for work all of the work that happened all year, below are a few special thanks…..

FMS – Paula, Kathleen, all the supervisors, and all the staff who kept things organized, delivered programs and diploma covers, cleaned up too many spills to mention, kept the facilities clean and stocked, completed set-ups for receptions and other ceremonies in nearly every academic building on campus in addition to those in the ice and field house, and worked tremendously hard to make our campus just shine for our visitors.  Thanks to Hank Parkers – David, Rick, Jacob and all their staff for all their work in setting up the facilities and for responding to last-minute changes and requests with smiles

From: Debra A Spencer 
To: Facilities Management Services

It is amazing to me that we can have an event like the Chase Corporate Challenge and I can report to campus at 6:15am AND it doesn’t look any different than any other day. You truly are fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated team.

From: Katherine Carcaci 
To: Facilities Management Services

John to know that 11,000 people were here late in the day and to come in this morning and see a pristine campus is wonderful; congrats to all your employees for whatever role they played in this event to make RIT look so good.

From: Sydney Long 
To: Aletha Williams

I just wanted to acknowledge the efforts of Aletha last week.  Several mornings when I was coming into work, I noticed that she was window washing LBJ lobby windows—going well above and beyond to make guests coming to commencement weekend feel welcomed with shiny windows.  Kudos to her for taking the initiative.