May 2015

From: Kerry Hughes

To: Ornella Lomonaco


I work in Monroe Hall and would like to put in a good word for Ornella. She has been taking excellent care of the office and public areas here in the Academic Support Center as well as the restroom. She is very responsive to requests. She is a pleasure to work with.



From: Stacey Clements

To: FMS Team


As I walked across campus today, I looked around and realized that there was not a piece of litter around. There was not one solitary sign that not 48 hours ago there were 35, 000 plus people on campus. Everything is back to its beautiful normal self. I realize how difficult it is to make something look like nothing ever happened and wanted you to know that it was noticed and appreciated.



From: Christopher Rhodes

To: FMS Commencement Team


I would like to say Thank You and Great job to everyone that I worked with over the Commencement weekend. Along with the veteran employees there were quite a few new hires and temporary employees who I think did an awesome job maintaining the Polisseni with this being their first year at such an important event. So nice job too to all ; Chad Thomas, Mark Montgomery, Al Jordan, Steven Rhodes, Anthony Lewis, Mitchell Hodgins, Lashonda Lovett, Deborah Tedlaboyd, Liban Liban and Chuck VanMaldeghem for working with practically all new staff and still meeting the FMS expectation during such a big and important event.



From: William Cocca

To: FMS Team


I would like to thank you all very much for an enjoyable five years working with Facilities Management Services and wish you all the best.


From: John Moore

To: FMS Team


What a great Imagine RIT this past weekend. I did get a chance to see many of you and say thank you.  But for the many, many more I did not see, I want to say a big Thank you.  From my view this was a great success for RIT. The campus was beautiful inside and out.  All of the venues were operating very well.  People moved around the campus easily.  You all did a great job in supporting this event.  Thank You. We had so many people here, more than 400 exhibits, scores of events, I am so proud that the campus looks so great this morning. So whatever your involvement was; helping out, delivering, coordinating, setting up, tearing down, cleaning up, moving people, covering for others, or just enjoying the day, Thank You. We should all be proud to be a part of this team.