November 2013

From: Joanne Madonia
To: Petrina Brown, Mark Morrison, Cicero Jones, John Ponder, & Julius Brunson

Board Meetings are only successful because of the staff that help support them and make them run smoothly.  I just wanted to send your staff (Petrina, Mark, Cicero, John, and Julius) a heartfelt thank you for all of their hard work and help with setting up the board rooms while taking care of any extra requests I made of them.  I know how often we are fast to complain about things, but slow to say thanks.  They were all extremely polite, appreciative, and  quick to respond to any requests made to them.  I tried to personally thank them, but I would appreciate if you would extend my gratitude to them again.

From: Donna Podeszek
To: Johnny Roland, William DeCoursey

I just wanted to tell you how lucky RIT is to have a couple of your guys working here.  First, JR is great.  I made a mess today in my office, and I asked JR if he could bring the vacuum in.  He immediately came and cleaned up for me.  Every time I ask him to do something he will do it. He is really a great employee. 

The second person is Bill in CIMS.  I needed something for one of the new studios, and he went out of his way to get it for me. RIT is lucky to have both of these men as employees.  You always hear what people don’t do, so, I thought I would send this email and let you know how great these guys are. 

From: Jennifer Lewis
To: Gerry Delone, Steve Beach

Gerry and Steve followed up with me and communicated what they were going to do to fix the problem. Love these guys!

From: Diana Burggraff
To: Richard Stein, Catherine Ahern

I wanted to thank you both for all your efforts to eliminate that high frequency hissing sound from my office. I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am to have a resolution on that! I’ve gone home without any headaches since you fixed it. Thank you SO much!

From: Bill Landers
To: Charles VanMaldeghem, Raye McHugh

We love the custom fit runner rug on the dock. Thank you! We really appreciate everything the team does to keep our facility looking good, especially in the brutal winter months.