November 2014

From: Kathleen Martin 
To: David Woodhams; Alonso Harrison

Dear Dave and Alonso….I know I speak for others on EAS - 4 when I say it’s always a pleasure when you’re working on our floor.  But now that you’ve come to my rescue – not once, but twice in the past year – I have to let others in FMS know what you did and how grateful I am for your help.    

#1. Somehow, while in 1st floor restroom, my reserved parking tag slips between toilet paper dispenser & stall wall.  After many minutes of pounding, shaking, & prying, I realize I need help to solve this problem.   I walk out & who do I see? … Alonso!  I’m thrilled to find him but realize – oh dear…I must explain this!   He takes it in stride & – after being sure restroom’s empty - tries pounding, shaking, & prying with no luck.  So he calls Dave, who, within 5 mins, shows up w exactly the right tool…a Phillips-head screw driver…& they retrieve my parking tag unharmed.     

#2…I’m on the phone & computer when I turn my pen/etc holder & hear something fall behind the desk.  Oh dear, I’ll get it later.  Didn’t think about it when Alonso came to collect trash.   Didn’t think about it again until I reach for the remote to my radio at end of the day.  Oh dear….no remote!  Didn’t find it under or behind the panel of the desk.  Oh dear….it must have fallen in one of the trash bins; it’s lost forever!   Had to leave….when the elevator doors open on 1st floor…who do I see?...Alonso & Dave!  I explain what happened & offer must-have-fallen-in-the-trash theory.  As I depart, they go into action….Alonso to check the trash & Dave to (re)check my office.  I arrive the next day to find my remote on top of my desk. 

Thanks for being so willing to help, and with such great spirit!