November 2015

From: Kim Corbett

To: Lynne Stocum


Please commend Lynne for the work she has done in our building--the building has never looked better.  She is diligent, hard-working, responsive to requests, and clearly motivated to do a good job.  Compared with others who have had this responsibility in the past, she is clear cut above.  She approaches her job with a level of professionalism that is often hard to find in members of the housekeeping staff who are responsible for keeping our buildings clean and safe.  She is doing a terrific job and I believe she deserves recognition for it.  


From:  Dave Harris

To:  Don Farnsworth, Mike Vink, Nancy Moore

A big hearty Thank You to Don Farnsworth and Mike Vink for stopping the leak, and to Nancy Moore and company for the large scale water clean up - Thank  you!

From:  Nancy Moore

To: Building Services Crew


What a busy weekend!  I would like to EXPRESS A BIG THANK-YOU to all the staff below for an outstanding job they all did cleaning-up the flood in building 8-College of Science:

Samuel Marcos, Carmen Brown, Christopher Rhodes, Clifton Brown, Yolanda Garcia, Marvin Gonzales, Mike Vinci, Gregory Mosley, Long Tran, Amy Swan


I like to send a special appreciate to Amy Swan, Long Tran and Christopher Rhodes.  They all WORKED TOGETHER did what was necessary to clean up the floor as quickly as possible.  And also they all communicated and made sure I was informed.





From: Brooks Langkans

To: Building Services Crew


First, Thank you Nancy for your quick response and everyone else for being in the right place at the right time.  I too would like to express my thanks to those senior custodial, Christopher Rhodes, Amy Swan and Long Tran who took charge and worked together in completing such a task that could have been totally out of control if it were not for all of you working and communicating together.  Great Job! Also, all of those who assisted in an area they were not familiar with and accomplishing this feat, I applaud you for being flexible and willing to work with members of the FMS family you usually do not.  When we came in this morning, there was very little to do and classes commenced as usual without a problem.