October 2013

From: Christopher Rhodes 
To: Chuck VanMaldeghem

I just want to take some time to give kudos to the FMS foremen and supervisors for their part in the selection of the Clipper and new floor finish we have this year.I believe the floors and carpets in the hallways,classrooms and offices look great through out the entire building of 7A and 7B.

From: Debra Steene 
To: FMS Staff

Thank you for all of your help in planning all the logistical arrangements for this joint college workshop and mixer. A great deal of effort went in to determining how to utilize the space available for the activities planned. Your work with Sue McAllister and Nick DiFonzo of COLA, catering, Tech Crew, and others to plan the best setup for this event was invaluable. We could not have pulled this off without your help and those on the FMS crew who all pitched in the day of the event to make sure everything was in place.  Please be sure to pass on our deepest thanks for all their help. You deserve special recognition for pulling off another event successfully among all the others you and your crew have on your schedule. 

From: Paula LaFave
To: Nancy Moore

Thanks to your staff who helped out with this event – I certainly couldn’t do my job without your staff’s help.  I’m not sure who helped with the set up, but please pass along my thanks.


From: Millie Alverio
To: FMS staff

I just want to express my appreciation to everyone in PATS for the outstanding support to the front desk at the beginning of Registration. Even though it was a very busy time, everybody made this team work.I felt a real connection between us. I have to mention the amazing Job that Jenn Mckee performed for many days working with me in this fast environment. Thanks to Reese Le Guerrier for the food (twice in the week because I forgot my lunch at home). Thank you Sue, Randy, Rick, Adam, Reese, Casandra, and the Officers. Also, John Moore helped us with the phone calls and I do appreciate it. For all of you-my best, and God bless you!