October 2015

From:  Patricia Maillet
To:  Jessie Cowd


We have been having problems with the eye wash sink in the Student Health Center lab for a while and it's just never been fixed correctly.  This week, Jessie came and fixed it correctly and staff are just so happy.  All the nursing staff have been stopping by my office all day saying how great the faucet is working and to please give Jessie their thanks for fixing it right.  It's these small things that make everyone's life easier over here and everyone is very appreciative.  Thanks so much to Jessie (and I'm happy because I don't have to hear all the complaints!)


From:Deborah Bullock

To: Mike Cavuoto

I just wanted to let you know what an amazing job Mike Cavuoto did on our kitchen at Margaret’s House over the weekend!



From: Michael Cross

To: Johnny Killings


I just wanted to take a moment to thank Johnny again sincerely for his assistance today. He really helped us out of a jam over here, and I won’t forget the good turn.


Since I’m usually among the first and loudest to complain when things break down, I think it’s important to be even more energetic to acknowledge people who go above and beyond to assist us when things turn sideways. And please extend my thanks to the crew who delivered that grill to Gosnell so very quickly today after we spoke.