September 2014

From: Charles VanMaldeghem 
To: Nancy Moore

I just wanted to express to you a job well done on the planning and preparations coordinated by you for the opening dedication ceremony at the Polisseni Arena last week.  I have been involved in many construction cleanings and building dedications in my career, and none are an easy chore to pull-off without a glitch.  You had coordinated with many individuals in order to understand the needs and expectations, and made the necessary plans in order to achieve the best results to meet or exceed the expectations.  Although there were many contributors in getting the results; you were the leader in setting the 'can do' attitude,  I just wanted to acknowledge your efforts and also express my appreciation for providing the welcoming and energetic environment in which to participate in such a grand celebration.  It was my pleasure to have assisted you in these preparations, and you may call upon me at any time should you need such support in the future.

From: Lisa Stein 
To:  Adam Petzold; Kathleen Rydelek; Paula LaFave; 

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for all the hard work and support everyone provided  for these events. I heard first hand from attendees on how well they could easily park on campus, to the beautiful room set-ups and the food was phenomenal!

Kathleen/ Paula- Thank you so much for all the support/ coordination with the many changes on linens and last minute adds, etc.

Adam- Great job on the parking!

What a great team we have at RIT!!! I am  glad to be a part of it!  

From: Nabil Nasr

I wanted to tell each of you how much I appreciate your assistance with the Remanufacturing Conferences and events that were held this week.  I received wonderful feedback on how smoothly everything ran, and each of you are to commended on an outstanding job.  The programs were all well attended and it was a terrific to see such a great turnout by such high level people in the industry.  From the presentations, coordinating the sessions, room set-ups, catering, registration, and all the million details in between, everything was great and I appreciate everyone’s hard work.