Fire Alarm Testing: March 12th - March 16th

Facilities Management Services will be conducting fire alarm testing during the week of March 12th through March 16th. This testing will be conducted between the hours of 8:00AM – 4:30PM


During this scheduled mandated testing Simplex fire alarm inspectors accompanied by FMS will be entering each room that contains fire alarm equipment (whether security systems are in use or not) and activating all fire alarm system devices. This will include activation of all horns, strobes, and speakers within areas that are being tested.


Test activation of horns, strobes, and speakers may occur intermittently throughout the testing process for continuous soundings of no longer that 1 ½ minutes with a short rest duration between activations within areas where system testing is underway.


If for any reason horns, speakers, and strobes sound continuously for durations longer than 2 minutes without a short 15-20 second break interruption, please consider it an actual fire alarm.


If for any reason your area may prefer or wish to defer from a specific day, please respond with the desired date to all on this email which will share scheduling with all included here.


Please refer to the building listing below for areas that will be tested:


Building 10 & 18

Building 12

Building 14

Building 70 & 74

Building 75

Building 76

Building 77

Building 82

Building 86 & 88

Building 80 Red Barn

Building 125 Boat House