History of Global Village

Global Village is the result of the meeting of two initiatives at RIT: the first, to create a community on campus for the promotion and support of global learning initiatives; the second, to replace older student housing on campus. After years of conceptualization and construction, Global Village has become a state-of-the art residential community and commercial complex creating an on-campus oasis for recreation, dining, shopping, and living. It provides students with a global living and learning experience through the use of student services, academic resources, and amenities that enhance their learning during their time at RIT.


Global themes are expressed in a variety of ways including the use of materials, patterns, colors, lighting, fabrics, finishes, décor, design, architecture, and photography throughout all residential and commercial spaces. A sampling of these themes and the regions they represent are listed here:

Global Village, building 400

  • Cantina and Grille – Mexico
  • Market – international, outdoor market theme
  • Shear Global Salon – Mediterranean
  • Shop One² Fine Art & Craft Boutique – United Kingdom
  • Better Me Wellness Center – Asia
  • HUB Print Center and Post Office – Africa
  • 2nd floor residential – Latin America
  • 3rd floor residential, North – Middle East
  • 3rd floor residential, South – Asia
  • 4th floor residential – Eastern Europe

Global Way, buildings 403 and 404

  • 1st floor residential – Latin America
  • 2nd floor residential – Asia
  • 3rd floor residential – Middle East

Inspiration Boards

These inspiration boards were the basis for the design and décor of RIT's Global Village. Patterns, designs, and landmarks from all over the world were researched and incorporated into the concept for Global Village.

Inspiration Boards

Created by ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge.

Photo Project

Photo By David Lamb Photography

A mural in the lobby of Global Village, building 400 shows a compilation of every student photograph used throughout the complex. Photo by David Lamb Photography.

RIT student-submitted and commissioned photographs taken from around the world are displayed throughout Global Village to provide a visual, global experience for students to reference when they travel overseas. Large photographic murals are installed outside of each residential suite entrance, adding a distinct and international appeal to each floor. Extra-large murals are also installed in lounges and common areas and match the floor’s global theme. Additionally, framed photographs adorn the walls throughout the residential suites, lounges, common spaces, and commercial areas. This is a one-of-a-kind project and the photographs displayed at Global Village join the university’s elite collection of on-campus artwork.


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