Learning Opportunities at Global Village

RIT's Global Village is the home of several learning environments on campus.

Constellation Commons for Global Learning

The Constellation Commons for Global Learning is intended to serve RIT students and faculty as a touch point and clearinghouse for all aspects of global education at RIT including study abroad support, faculty exchange opportunities, and multicultural programs. Central RIT offices that focus on global advancement are located in the commons and include Study Abroad & Fellowships, Global Initiatives & Programs, and Native American Future Stewards. All offices are located on the second level above the Cantina and Grille overlooking the Global Village plaza. The facility is funded by a $1 million commitment from Constellation Brands Inc., the world’s leading wine company, and according to RIT President Bill Destler, will further enrich and expand the international and entrepreneurial experiences available to the university’s students, faculty and staff.

Photo: Constellation President and CEO Rob Sands with RIT President Bill Destler“Opportunities exist to broaden and creatively develop new study abroad programs, leverage our partnerships and campuses abroad, enhance international dimensions of our curriculum, foster international cooperative education programs and develop international service learning, research and outreach projects,” explains Destler. “We are better positioned to exploit these opportunities as a result of Constellation Brands generous support.”

Photo: Constellation President and CEO Rob Sands with RIT President Bill Destler

Study Abroad and Fellowships

Founded in 2008, the Study Abroad & Fellowships Office works closely with students, faculty, affiliates, and international institutions to provide RIT students with the opportunity to study abroad through over 250 programs in over 50 countries. Students have the option of studying abroad during any time of the year whether it is through a quarter program at one of our global campuses, an affiliated semester program, or one of our unique faculty led programs.

Study Abroad

RIT Students and Faculty Croatia (left, photo by Kyle Marcotte) and Denmark (right, photo by Elizabeth Quilter).

Visit the RIT Study Abroad & Fellowships website for more information. The Study Abroad office is located on the second level above the Cantina and Grille overlooking the Global Village plaza.

Map PointerFind our office using the RIT Interactive Map!

Global Initiatives and Programs

RIT has more than 1,000 students enrolled in RIT undergraduate and graduate degree programs around the world! These RIT campuses and partner universities include:

Students studying at these RIT partner universities earn an degree and diploma accredited by RIT. Our campuses abroad also enhance global learning outcomes as students studying in Rochester, NY and around the world are encouraged to participate in study abroad and international research experiences within the RIT global network. Learn more about each of our global partners and contact us today to find out more!

Global Initiatives

Students at RIT Kosovo, Croatia, and Dubai campuses.

Visit the RIT Global website for more information. The Global Initiatives and Programs office is located on the second level above the Cantina and Grille overlooking the Global Village plaza.

Native American Future Stewards

The Future Stewards Program was established as a result of RIT's commitment to increasing the success rate and number of Native scholars (Native American, Alaska Native, and First Nations) in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) along with other areas of need in Indian country. The department partners with students, Tribal nations, organizations, and corporations to create opportunities for Native scholars to develop professionally, personally, and culturally. RIT's Future Stewards Program is dedicated to helping Native scholars succeed with a mission to:

  • Recruit Native scholars to RIT, easing their transition to a campus environment;
  • Retain Native scholars at RIT, ensuring their academic, social and professional success and;
  • Return Native scholars to the Tribal community when they graduate.

Future Stewards

Left: Dance exhibitions at the 2009 Imagine RIT festival. Right: Biochar Research at Ganondagan.

Visit the RIT Future Stewards website for more information. The Future Stewards office is located on the second level above the Cantina and Grille overlooking the Global Village plaza.

Entrepreneur's Center and Prototype Lab

The RIT Entrepreneurs Hall is a new-to-the-world holistic entrepreneurship program that combines a residential community in Global Village, cohort entrepreneurship courses, mentoring, unique entrepreneurial coops, business mentoring, and 24/7 access to the student incubator. Students completing the program will receive a minor in entrepreneurship and have the opportunity to gain course credit for maturing a business concept. The program will include a roughly equal mix of technology, creative, and business students. This will allow students to develop effective teams to mature new businesses and commercialize technology concepts. As student projects mature, they will be assigned an alumni/business mentor to assist them with their projects.


Left to right: Cerion Advisory Board, Pancreas visualizaion, Melissa Molaire of Temporary Ink Sanity.

Visit the RIT Simone Center for Entrepreneurship website for more information. The Entrepreneur's Center is located on the second level above the Cantina and Grille overlooking the Global Village plaza.

Center for Student Innovation

The Center for Student Innovation (CSI) is a step in the road for multidisciplinary teams and is where students enter the ideation stage. The CSI helps innovators and multidisciplinary teams develop and advance their ideas by providing project space, project support, mentorship, camaraderie, and access to innovation resources all over campus.

Center for Student Innovation

Our Mission:
To foster creativity and innovation at RIT, through the support of multidisciplinary teams and the cultivation of individual curiosity.

Our Vision:
RIT graduates will be innovators, problem solvers, and problem seekers who make the world a better place. The Center for Student Innovation will speed them on their way by empowering them to create and develop valuable ideas, products, services, businesses, and social ventures.

Visit the RIT Center for Student Innovation website for more information.


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