Guidelines for Hosting Minors in RIT Housing

Several departments on campus sponsor programs involving minors, from internships to school field trips to summer camps. Both RIT and the greater community benefit from programs that introduce young people to the exciting academic and recreational resources available on campus. Our current and prospective students and guests benefit most when these programs are successful and without incident.

When programs include overnight stays in RIT residence halls and apartments, the following guidelines should be followed.  In some cases, programs require compliance with New York public health law. RIT faculty and staff can address these issues by planning the programs appropriately. In addition to the guidelines below, for more information about keeping children safe, please refer to the RIT K-12 website.

Most overnight stays are conducted for recruitment purposes and therefore should be coordinated with the dean's office of the respective college.

Athletics programs (camps, clinics, and recruiting stays) require approval from the Executive Director of Intercollegiate Athletics.  Please contact Lou Spiotti at

For other university sponsored overnight stays, please contact Melinda Ward in Risk Management at

RIT Department/Program Coordinator Checklist:

  1. Obtain approval from appropriate senior management.
  2. Review RIT’s Guidelines for Protecting Minors on Campus.
  3. Have parents sign Waivers. Obtain emergency contact information from parent/guardian.
  4. Have guests sign a Behavior Contract.  Set and document ground rules and expectations. Let students and parents know how you will handle disciplinary issues.
  5. Select Student Hosts:
    • Students should be selected based on leadership qualities (for example, Resident Assistants (RA), Orientation Assistants (OA), captains or senior members of sports teams, etc.) and reference checks.
    • Experience working with children is preferred.
    • Process background checks (sex offender registry) through Human Resources
    • Run student conduct background check through the Student Affairs Center for Student Conduct
    • Have hosts sign a behavior contract (noting responsibilities and student conduct accountability)
    • Obtain approval from the hosting student's roommate(s).  Center for Residence Life will take the lead on this process.  Contact Harold Fields  or phone: 585-475-2578 for information and assistance.
    1. Provide program coordinator’s contact information, list of students along with assigned rooms, roommate/host, and parent’s emergency contact information to Public Safety (Gary Moxley, Residence Life (Harold Fields and Housing (Carla DiLella ) at least 72 hours prior to the group’s arrival.
  6. Public Safety will provide special attention to the floors/halls.
  7. Provide appropriate training including emergency response, Title IX and suspected abuse notification procedures to hosts. For more information, contact Jody Nolan, Environmental Health & Safety
  8. It is a good idea to plan an appropriate amount of supervised activities/programming to cover most of the stay.
  9. Report any allegations of inappropriate behavior by RIT staff/faculty/hosts/guests, injuries, or accidents to Public Safety at (585) 475-3333 immediately. Public Safety staff is trained to make the appropriate notifications to RIT senior management and/or law enforcement.