Minors on Campus

Protecting Minors on Campus

Many departments on campus sponsor programs involving minors, from internships to school field trips to summer camps. Both RIT and the greater community benefit from programs that introduce young people to the exciting academic and recreational resources available on campus. The following information provides guidelines to clarify liability issues and provides steps to follow for these planned activities. In some cases, these programs require compliance with New York public health law. In all cases, these programs should comply with RIT's Protection of Minors Policy. RIT faculty and staff can address these issues by planning the programs appropriately. In addition to the guidelines below, for more information about keeping children safe, please refer to the RIT K-12 website.


Take these important steps to protect children on campus:

  1. Watch a 10-minute video, Shine A Light, and learn how to identify potential child abuse:  www.edurisksolutions.org/learn-to-protect-children
  2. Never work alone or behind a closed/locked door with a child; don't travel with a child alone or in your own vehicle; don't contact children via email or social media.
  3. Report any suspected abuse immediately to Public Safety:

Phone (585) 475-3333

Text (585) 205-8333