Workshops and Programs for K-12 Students

Workshops and Programs for K-12 Students

For all gatherings with minors (children under the age of 18) who are not supervised by parents or guardians and that do not qualify as a camp as defined by New York Public Health, please follow the guidelines below. If you have questions about your event, please feel free to contact Melinda Ward in Risk Management at 475-6135.


Registration Forms:

Completed forms should be marked confidential and kept in a secure file for 6 years in accordance with Policy C22.0 Records Management Policy

Registration forms should include the following items:

  1. Emergency contact information (name and phone number of at least one parent or guardian)

  2. Insurance policy information (Insurance company, Subscriber Name and ID)

  3. Participant's food allergies (only if we are providing food). No other medical information should be requested.

  4. RIT Participant Agreement can be incorporated into the registration form.

Staffing Requirements:

  • All staff and volunteers who are working with unsupervised minors should have annual sex offender registry checks conducted. Submit Pre-Employment Background Check and Authorization Form to Human Resources (Brittany Zorn at 475-2424; email to

  • Use NY state staffing requirements as guidelines.  For example, a ratio of 1:12 is recommended for general supervision of children.  Ratios should allow for enough adult supervision so as to avoid one-on-one contact with a minor whenever possible. 

  • All staff must be appropriately trained on emergency procedures including but not limited to lost child protocols and identification and reporting of suspected abuse.

  • All staff and volunteers should be familiar with their building Emergency Action Plans (EAP). Contact Jody Nolan at x. 56676 for questions about this plan and/or training.

  • Online training for identification and reporting of suspected child abuse is available through the NY Mandated Reporter Resource Center.  Additional information about suspected abuse is available through the NY State Office of Child Protective Services.

  • As with all emergencies on campus, reports of injuries or suspected abuse must immediately be reported to RIT’s Public Safety Department at 475-3333.