Sarah Klein

Environmental Health & Safety Manager for FMS

Sarah joined RIT in April 2014 as an Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Specialist. Sarah’s primary role is to collaborate with Facilities Management Services to manage the EHS roles and responsibilities of their employees, address compliance with EHS regulations for their work tasks and projects, as well as foster a positive safety culture. She is located in Building 99, to be available and involved in day-to-day operations.

Prior to RIT, Sarah was the Assistant, and then Interim, Director of Environmental Health and Safety at The College at Brockport where she focused on OSHA/PESH safety regulations, training, and fire safety at the College. Sarah began her career in EHS at the University of Rochester as a Safety Technician, surveying Strong Health locations to ensure compliance with JCAHO and other safety regulations, assisting the Industrial Hygiene department staff in a myriad of EHS tasks, and providing various training sessions.

Sarah is an active member of SEHSA Environmental Health and Safety Association. Sarah holds a B.S. in Environmental Management and Technology from RIT and a M.S. in Higher Education Administration from the Warner School at the University of Rochester.