Portable Fire Extinguisher "Quick Checks"

New York State Fire Codes require Portable Fire Extinguishers be available and be in working order at all times. In order to verify that we are in compliance we have instituted a "Quick Check" inspection process, intended to give reasonable assurance that the fire extinguisher is fully charged and operable. We have enlisted the assistance of staff members to assist us in checking the extinguishers on a monthly basis, and then initialing the inspection tag that is attached to the extinguisher. The quick checks must be done every 30 days.

The following items are the "Quick Check" items for monthly extinguisher inspections:

  1. Is the extinguisher in the proper location?
  2. Is the extinguisher accessible and visible?
  3. Is the operating tag of the extinguisher facing out?
  4. Is the tamper seal of the extinguisher intact?
  5. Does the extinguisher feel full? Use your best judgment by lifting the extinguisher
  6. Is the shell of the extinguisher in good condition?
  7. Is the stored pressure of the extinguisher within the allowable range? (Arrow not reading recharge)
  8. Is the discharge nozzle free of clogging?

Notify Environmental Health and Safety immediately at gwzehs@rit.edu if the answer is "no" to any of the questions.