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Assignment Changes & Cancellation Fees: How to Apply
2018-2019 Academic Year

The process for assignment changes varies depending on what type of student you are and what time of the year you are requesting the change.

Please refer to the sections below for guidance on how to request roommates and how to request assignment changes.

If you need more information about adding a roommate, please view the instructions here.


Requests for Roommates:

Incoming Freshman:

Timeline to search for and select a roommate - January 2 - May 4th, 2018.

Incoming Transfer/Graduate:

Transfer and graduate students can request a roommate however students are assigned on space availability and roommate requests are not guaranteed.

Current Student:

If applying for RIT housing after Housing Selection, current students can request roommates however students are assigned on space availability and roommate requests are not guaranteed. 

    Requests for Assignment Changes:

    Before August Move In:

    Incoming Freshman: 

    After Room Selection is over, the assignment staff will continue to assign incoming freshmen who did not select their own room and incoming freshmen who have recently applied for housing.

    From June 1 - July 15, assignment change requests can be submitted in writing to, however requests are not guaranteed.

    From July 15 - September 9, no room change requests will be accepted.

    After August Move In:

    All Students:

    From August 20 - September 9, there is a room freeze - no room change requests will be accepted.

    After September 9, all roommate issues or room change requests must be directed to the appropriate Residence Life staff person.

    • For the residence halls, the staff person would be the Residence Coordinator for the building that you reside in.
    • For the apartments, University Common suites and Global Village, the staff person would be the Area Director for the complex that you reside in.

      After Housing Selection assignments are released - how to request a Change of Assignment

      If students view their assignments for the following academic year after the Housing Selection process is over and want to request a change of assignment, the student may do so by completing the Change of Assignment located in the housing portal at in the orange header bar.

      Change of Assignment requests are not guaranteed and you will keep your current assignment if your request is not processed.

      Please follow the directions below for the Change of Assignment Request:

      1. Sign into the housing portal at
      2. Click on Change of Assignment in the orange header bar.
      3. Select the assignment you would like to request a change for from the drop down menu.
      4. Click Save & Continue.
      5. Select your desired Room Location and Room Preferences.
      6. If you would like to request any roommates, list the roommates' names in the comment box (any student you include will need to submit a change of assignment request, listing your name as well as anyone else you have listed.)
      7. A confirmation email will be sent to the students RIT email once the request has been completed.
        • You will receive an email if your assignment is changed
        • You may update or modify your request as needed

      Cancellation Fees

      • No fee if you cancel by May 01, 2018
      • $300 fee if you cancel from May 02 – May 31, 2018
      • $500 if you cancel from June 01 – July 31, 2018
      • $700 if you cancel from August 01 – 26, 2018

      See the Terms & Conditions for more information.

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