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Fall Move In 2016

RIT Fall Move-In Information 2016-2017

Welcome to RIT's Housing Community!  

We look forward to helping you get settled in your new home for the 2016-2017 academic year.







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Arrival Guides

Based on your student type, please print the appropriate guide listed below.


Student Type




Move-In Date




Arrival Guide (PDF)

  • Incoming Freshman
  • Interpreting Students

Tuesday, August 16


  • First Year NTID Supported BS Students
      Monday, August 15       Download

  • Returning Students

Monday, August 15

Wednesday, August 17 - Sunday, August 21


  • Summer Vestibule Program (SVP)

Sunday, August 07


  • Transfer Students Assigned to...
    • Residence Halls

Tuesday, August 16


  • Transfer Students Assigned to ...
    • RIT Inn
    • RIT Apartments
    • Global Village
    • University Commons
    • Short-Term Housing

Tuesday, August 16


  • Incoming Graduate Students

Saturday, August 13


  • Short-Term Housing

Tuesday, August 16




Important Dates



What to Bring Checklists



Incoming Freshmen Move-In Information

Downloads for All Incoming Freshman



Residence Hall Specific Downloads

  • Move-In Maps
    • Refer to the move-in map that corresponds to your housing assignment to find where to go to pick up your keys and drop off your luggage. Each map also includes a reference of your designated move-in time.


  • Car Tags
    • Upon arrival to the RIT campus, please place this tag on the outside of your windshield under the wiper.  The colored side should face outward. This tag will assist RIT staff in directing you to the proper location.  If you do not have a color printer, please print out a black and white copy and color it in with the corresponding color.


  • Luggage Tags
    • Please affix these tags to the outside of all of your items. These tags will assist RIT staff in getting your luggage to your room. If you do not have a color printer, please print out a black and white copy and color it in with the corresponding color.


Move-In Group


Residence Hall


Move-In Map (PDF)


Luggage Tags (PDF)


Car Tags (PDF)


  • Eugene Colby Hall A, B ,C, D, and E
  • Frances Baker Hall A, B, C, and D
  • Residence Halls A and B
  Download   Download   Download



  • Eugene Colby Hall F
  • Kate Gleason Hall
  Download   Download   Download



  • Nathaniel Rochester Hall
  Download   Download   Download



  • Carlton Gibson Hall A and B
  • Sol Heuman Hall
  Download   Download   Download



  • Mark Ellingson Hall
  Download   Download   Download



  • Helen Fish Hall A, B, C
  • Residence Halls C and D
  • Peter Peterson Hall
  Download   Download   Download



Global Village Move-In Information



RIT Inn Move-In Information



Apartment/University Commons/Greek Free-Standing Move-In Information


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