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Withdrawl/Leave of Absence/Suspension

Process to leave RIT housing due to:

  • withdrawal

  • leave of absence

  • suspension


If you decide to leave RIT while living in RIT housing at any time, you need to withdraw from both your classes and housing.

The processes are separate and both need to be completed before leaving campus.


First, for instructions on withdrawing, or taking a leave of absence from classes, contact your academic advisor to ensure all paperwork is complete and submitted.

Next, visit the Center for Residence Life to notify the staff that you intend to leave RIT.


Below are the steps you need to complete before leaving RIT:

Step 01 - Move out all personal possessions from the room.

Step 02 - Return room/suite/apartment keys to RIT Housing Operations located in Grace Watson Hall.

Step 03 - Return Colony Manor and Perkins Green mailbox keys to RIT Housing Operations.

* Return all other mailbox keys to your designated post office.

Step 04 - Clean the space for a new occupant. Read cleaning responsibilities.


All steps must be completed within 48 hours of submitting withdrawal, leave of absence, or suspension paperwork.

Failure to officially check out of your room may result in additional charges or fees.


For additional information or questions, contact RIT Housing Operations.

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