Faculty & Staff Mail Services

We prepare mailings of any size for delivery to the USPS. All you need to do is provide us with a mailing list, and the materials to be mailed and we will take care of the rest.

If you need assistance, call the HUB Mail Services at 475-2300 and any one of our team members will be happy to assist you.


Mail Prep Information For Individual and Office Mail


  1. Make sure your envelope has a return address which includes your department name.
  2. Make sure to address your envelope clearly and completely. To look up unknown zip codes go to http://zip4.usps.com/zip4/welcome.jsp
  3. Our metering machine will seal the envelopes if the flaps of the envelopes are left in an up position.
  4. If you are mailing to a foreign country, please make sure that the country is written out completely in English.
  5. Any hard objects such as keys, paperclips, pens, etc should not be in a standard envelope. Please pack these in a padded envelope.
  6. Try not to "overload" the envelope - if it looks like its going to be too thick to seal, chances are, it is. Use good judgment; something extremely thick will more than likely be able to go into a 9x12 or 6x9 envelope for the same postage.

Please note: For all mail, please make sure that foreign mail is kept separate from domestic. This will ensure that mail will not be delayed due to incorrect postage being applied.

Flats (9x12's, boxes, etc.)
Follow Steps 1-4 above.

Clasp envelope 
Even if it has glue, you should have the envelope clasped before putting it in the mail. The clasp prevents the machine from being able to seal the piece shut. There will be a charge per piece if we need to clasp the envelopes for you.

Exceptionally thick (over 1/2 inch)
Hand seal or tape the envelope closed for security. Metering machines can seal a piece up to 1/4 inch thick without much problem; anything over that, it is recommended to hand seal or tape.

Self sealing envelopes
Seal prior to pickup.

Hard materials
Includes items such as pens, keys, coffee mugs, etc. Use a well padded envelope or a well packaged box.

Large groupings
Keep materials grouped together, and label the stack as "all the same".

Letterhead & Envelopes
For letterhead and envelopes, fill out a Service Request form and email it (hubprint@rit.edu) or fax it to (585) 475-7099 with an example of your letterhead or envelope.

Address label
Must be oriented correctly in relation to the flap of the envelope. Proper placement is as follows:

  • The label should be placed so that the flap is at the top of the mail piece.
  • If this is not possible, then keep the flap on the right side of the envelope.

Taping envelopes or boxes closed - keep tape away from the area to the upper right of the label. That is considered our "postage area" and tape makes it difficult for the postage to stick to the mail piece.

Bulk Mailings

When submitting jobs for a First Class, Pre-Sort Standard, Non-Profit bulk mailing or Periodical mailing, all lists must be processed through the HUB Mail Services for National Change of Address (NCOA) clearance. This is necessary to insure that we maintain our permit status and obtain the lowest postal rates possible. Your list is used to address is on our digital presses or our inkjet addressing equipment after it has completed NCOA verification. Paper labels are no longer used for addressing bulk mailings.

All mailings must follow USPS Postal Regulations for zip code sorting and mail preparation to obtain the lowest postage rate. This process becomes very time consuming and will incur additional charges if your pieces are already addressed.

When contacting the Main HUB Print department requesting envelopes to be printed for a large mailing, don't forget to request the appropriate indicia for your mailing. The indicia should be printed on the envelope in order to prevent additional charges.

When sending a job that needs to be inserted, make sure that the pieces which are to go into the envelope, actually "fit" into the envelope. It would be optimal for each piece to have at least 1/4" free space on each side of the envelope once inserted.

When doing personalized letters to be mailed, be sure to consider the type of envelope. Usually a window envelope will do the trick. If you use regular non-window envelopes and submit a mailing list with the job, keep in mind that the job will have to be hand inserted and hand matched between the name on the envelope and the name on the letter. This will cause additional production time and cost.