Benefits Update for Retirees - May 2018

RIT remains committed to providing competitive, cost-effective, valued benefits to our faculty, staff and retirees.  We are pleased to announce a new approach RIT will be taking for our retiree Medicare healthcare benefits, which we believe will continue to provide outstanding service to our retiree population.  Below are links to the various versions of the letters we are sending to retirees.
1.  Medicare Retirees - Grandfather and Benchmark
2.  Medicare Retirees - Retiree Medical Account (RMA)  
4.  Pre-Medicare Retirees or Family Members - Retiree Medical Account (RMA)

NOTE: RIT reserves the right to modify or terminate all or any portion of the employee/retiree/LTD benefits package at any time.  All references to retirees and spouses assumes the retiree had met the applicable retirement eligibility requirements.