COVID19 Symptom/Exposure/Absence Reporting Process


RIT encourages employees to follow guidance from their local health department. Information provided by the CDC and New York State may also be useful to employees as they determine the duration of their isolation period or when/if they must quarantine.



Positive Test Results

As required by the RIT Safety Plan, if an RIT employee tests positive for COVID-19, then absences should be reported to supervisors pursuant to the Absence Reporting protocols. If an employee requires NY COVID-19 pay, then employees must also complete an Affirmation of Isolation form and send it to their supervisor.

COVID-19 Exposure

The CDC no longer recommends quarantine for asymptomatic exposed individuals, regardless of vaccination status. This includes exposure to household members. Employees should wear a high-quality mask for ten (10) days and get tested on day six (6). Any employee who becomes symptomatic should isolate immediately and get tested. More information is available from the CDC or New York State Department of Health. In the alternative, RIT encourages employees to contact a medical professional.

Employees may be required to quarantine under certain circumstances. If you are not sure whether you need to quarantine, you can use this information to help you make that determination or contact a medical professional. If you are required to quarantine, and you require NY COVID-19 pay, then you must complete an Affirmation of Quarantine form and send it to your supervisor.

If you have questions regarding the pay for employees with COVID-19 positive tests or exposures please refer to Pay Guidelines During COVID-19 Pandemic.