EAP Informational Topic Flyers


RIT's EAP partner, GuidanceResources, periodically issues informational flyers on topics that may be of interest to employees. Refer back here periodically for updates.

Work-Life Services in Challenging Times (May 2021)

Languishing and COVID (May 2021)

Civil Unrest Resource Guide (June 2020)

Mobile Access (August 2019)

Life Events (May 2019)

Work-Life Benefits (May 2019)

Tips for Weathering a Financial Emergency (February 2019)

Student Loan Guide (February 2019)

Loneliness and Your Health (February 2018)

Resources for Traumatic Events (October 2017)

Building Workplace Resilience (June 2017)

Planning for Your Performance Review (June 2017)

Creating an Effective Daily Work Routine (June 2017)

Tax Prep 2017 (March 2017)

Car Safety for Children (March 2017)

Building Better Family Communication (March 2017)

Benefits of Family Meals (March 2017)

Toolkit for Managers & Supervisors: An Introduction to Your GuidanceResources Program (January 2016)

Plan Ahead for Summer Camp (March 2015)