Filling an Existing (Replacement) Position for Faculty or Staff


Pre-Hire (Requisition and Posting) Resources for Managers

Pre-Offer, Offer and Hire Process Resources for Managers

Post-Hire Resources for Managers


  1. Contact your Human Resources Services Manager to discuss your department needs
  2. Make sure that all paperwork has been completed for departing employee. If an employee is transferring to another position at RIT, DO NOT process Termination Form for the departing employee. The NEW department will initiate all paperwork.
  3. Previous manager: For employees transferring to a new department, you should complete a Transfer Checklist when a faculty or staff member in their department is being hired into another department at RIT
  4. Hiring Manager: If you are hiring an INTERNAL employee to fill a vacancy in your department and the person is moving into a DIFFERENT PC number, you must create an online requisition and use a New Hire EAF in the Career Zone system to process the hire.
  5. If your position does not require a title or organization name change prior to posted simply create the requisition in the Career Zone system and route for approvals electronically.
  6. If you require changes to the position title or organization name prior to posting:
    • You can submit the changes on the online requisition form, but if there are signification changes to a staff job, you must also complete and submit a job description questionnaire and send it to your HR Services Manager.
    • HR will review the changes and determine if job evaluation is needed.
    • Once a job is reviewed, HR will assign a salary grade to staff positions, create a new version of the same PC#, update the requisition with the new position combination, and contact the department with the new position information.  Depending on how many people have already approved the requisition, previous approvers may also be contacted to let them know the changes has been made.
  7. Once all approvals are obtained, the position will be posted by the recruiter to the RIT Career Site by Human Resources Recruitment.


Determine Advertising Needs

Ensure that Advertising locations will expose the position to a diverse applicant pool. If you need assistance with determining appropriate, cost effective advertising sources, please consult the Staff or Faculty recruitment offices

All ad copy should be submitted to the appropriate staff or faculty recruitment office for review before running the ad.  Faculty Recruitment will contact each department to work with them on specific sourcing goals and methods.

You can begin reviewing your candidates via the Career Zone Manager Portal as soon as they apply.

Requisition Team
Individuals who you want to have access to reviewing applicants for your opening will need to be added to the requisition team either when the requisition is created; later by performing an update to the requisition, or by contacting