Hiring Temporary Employees

Have a temporary hiring need? Below is the policy related to temporary employees and the process to request temporary staff. We have also included helpful information to make the process easier to follow.


This policy applies to all temporary staff hires.

Policy Statement

Temporary staff are persons who are employed for a term of less than six months or 1,000 hours, whichever occurs first. A temporary assignment is one which is truly short-term in nature and is not intended to fill ongoing staffing needs. All temporary staff are managed and paid through a third party agency. If you have questions, please contact staffrec@rit.edu.


Datrose is RIT’s preferred vendor for temporary staffing. Occasionally, other third party agencies approved by Procurement Services may be used for the recruitment of temporary staff if an assignment requires specialized skills.

As soon as the need for temporary staffing has been identified, the hiring manager or their designee should begin the hiring process online here: DATROSE - RIT Temporary Staffing Request Form.   

The hiring manager or designee will need to provide Datrose with the following information:  

  • The start date of assignment
  • The hourly wage or contract amount that the individual will be paid
  • The work environment for the assignment (office or non-office)
  • The work schedule days/hours for the assignment
  • The supervisor name, email, phone and location
  • If you have a specific individual that you would like to offer the assignment to, please provide Datrose with that individual’s name (the department will receive a lower markup rate if they designate the candidate).

Questions should be referred to Datrose at ROCCareers@datrose.com or 1-800-615-6144.

*A background check will need to be completed by Datrose before the employee can start the assignment. Be advised that this can take 3-5 business days on average but can take longer.



Payment for staffing services through a vendor will include a percentage markup charged to the hiring department in addition to the temporary’s hourly pay rate. The markup will vary based on the type of assignment, typically ranging from 20-45%, and will be determined during the initial call between the hiring department and the vendor.


UID Creation
RIT University ID creation for temporary employees must be requested by visiting start.rit.edu/identityrequest

RIT ID Cards

RIT ID Cards may be obtained by visiting the ID Card Office at Eastman Hall (Building 1), First Floor, Room 1202. 

Questions? Please contact the RIT Service Center by visiting help.rit.edu or call 585-475-5000.  

End of Assignment

Please request to expire the individual’s RIT Computer Account. Please also collect all RIT property including picture ID.

Swipe access can be removed by emailing Rod Lezette rglcps@rit.edu

Policy History

Created August 2014

Updated January 2015