Leave of Absence

Contributions during a Leave of Absence (other than military)

During a paid leave of absence, you may continue to make contributions to this Plan. If you make contributions during a leave of absence, RIT will continue to make matching contributions under the same terms and conditions for active employees who are not on a paid leave of absence, provided that for this purpose the compensation base on which contributions are made shall be the participant’s basic compensation paid during the leave of absence. If your leave of absence is due to disability, your salary reduction contributions and RIT’s contributions shall continue until the date you start receiving long-term disability benefits. At that time, both salary reduction and matching contributions may be made by the disability carrier under the terms of the long-term disability policy.

Contributions during a Military Leave of Absence and other Military Leave Rights

If you go on qualified military service leave and you pay the Plan for the salary reduction contributions you otherwise could have made when you return to work, RIT may be required to contribute to your account matching contributions that would have been made on your behalf had you not been absent due to the leave. Except for special circumstances, your military leave may not exceed five years and you must report to RIT when your military service ends.

In addition, if you die or become disabled while performing qualified military service, your survivors will be entitled to any additional benefits provided under the Plan (other than benefit accruals for the period of qualified military service) that you would have received had your employment resumed and you then terminated employment due to death.

There may be other special rights that apply if you are on military leave so please contact your benefits representative if you have any questions about your military leave rights.