Faculty Recruitment Selection and Hire Process

Human Resources supports the faculty processes related to requisitions, posting, applicant review and updates, pre-offers, offers and hires.  The Faculty Recruitment Checklist is a great resource  for all level of searches. For information regarding the process, please view the flowchart

E-mail staffrec@rit.edu for questions related to these processes. 

The Office of Faculty Recruitment will continue to handle candidate sourcing. Questions may be directed to:

Renee Baker
Executive Director of Faculty Recruitment

Lorraine Stinebiser
Assistant Director

Dan Downie
Faculty Recruitment Assistant


RIT  recognizes the need for dual career assistance within the university as a means of continuing to build an inclusive campus environment and to support the university's gials to attract and retain the highest quality candidates for full time tenure-track faculty positions. Our dual career program supports this goal by providing assistance to spouses/partners of eligible newly hired full time tenure track facculty who are relocating to the Rochester area.

The dual career program will provide assistance to the extent possible and does not guarantee placement.

RIT Dual Career Application for Eligible spouse/partner

RIT Dual Career Information Brochure

NEW! Faculty Background Screening

Effective April 5, 2017, the new hire background screening process for regular faculty and staff (not adjunct) hires will be done electronically through Career Zone. This process improvement will result in a better candidate experience and more efficient hiring process.

Faculty Background Screening Workflow

Faculty HR Status-Disposition Guide

Faculty Selection & Hire Process

Pre-Requisition Phase

Requisition Phase

Faculty Recruitment Supporting Forms

Applicant Review Phase

Pre-Offer Phase

Offer Phase

Offers to Alternate Candidates

Processing the New Hire Employee Action Form

Additional Help on EAF Forms Process

Closing out your Req and Dispositioning Your Applicants

Salary Offer Guidelines

Position Control Procedures

Quick Start Reference Guide for Common HR Administrative Transactions

FOR SECURITY PURPOSES, some completed candidate forms (such as online Hire EAF and Pre-offer approval forms) in Career Zone are only viewable by the form initiator (person who completes the form).

Pre-Requisition Phase

Prior to creating a requisition, the Hiring Manager/ Department Chair should work with their HRSM to review market data for the discipline by rank and internal equity (pay position of others in department). The Hiring Manager/Search Committee Chair should work with their college liaison on the faculty search and hiring processes.

If desired, you can complete the optional Faculty Posting Form to develop the posting language necessary to create a requisition and effective advertisements for posting with external sources.  The Faculty Posting Form contains hyperlinks to assist applicants in accessing the guide developed to assist them in creating the required ‘Contribution to Diversity Statement’, as well as information regarding RIT’s core values, honor code, and diversity commitment, and Upstate NY HERC to assist dual career couples. 

Requisition Phase

Edits to requisitions (after you save) and posting and unposting of requisitions is done by Human Resources. To request an edit or to unpost your requisition, please email staffrec@rit.edu.

Incremental (New FTE) Requisitions

  1. Request a position control (PC) number to use in the Position Combination field of the requisition by using the Position Setup Form
  2. Once you have your new PC#, the hiring department will need to enter it into a requisition in Career Zone and route the req for approvals
  3. Once all approvals are obtained, the position will be posted by the recruiter to the RIT Career Site by the Human Resources Recruitment Office.
  4. The Office of Faculty Recruitment will assist you with sourcing your candidates and determining advertising needs.

Replacement Position Requisitions  

  1. If your position (PC number) combination does not require a title or organization name change prior to posting simply create the requisition in the Career Zone system and route for approvals electronically.
  2. If you require changes to the position title or organization name prior to posting:
  • You can submit the changes on the online requisition form - indicate changes in the appropriate fields on the requisition.
  • HR will review the changes, follow-up with any questions, create a new version of the same PC#, update the in-process requisition and contact the department and any previous approvers with the new position information.
  1. Once all approvals are obtained, the position will be posted by the recruiter to the RIT Career Site.
  2. The Office of Faculty Recruitment will assist you with sourcing your candidates and determining advertising needs.

You can begin reviewing your candidates via the Career Zone Manager Portal as soon as they apply.

  • Requisition Team:  Individuals who you want to have access to reviewing applicants for your opening will need to be added to the requisition team either when the requisition is created; later by performing an update to team members on the requisition, or by contacting staffrec@rit.edu

How to create a direct link URL to your job posting on the FACULTY Gateway

https://sjobs.brassring.com/TGWEbHost/jobdetails.aspx?partnerid=25483&siteid=5291&AReq=1234BR .
Just enter your BR number at the end of the above URL.  You can also use the "Send to a Friend" functionality on the talent gateway to send the link.

Faculty Recruitment Supporting Forms: Post Req Approval

There are several Requisition Subsidiary Forms that should be completed AFTER the requisition is approved.  These forms are accessed in Career Zone by searching for your requisition, clicking on the hyperlinked req number and clicking on the forms tab at the top of the screen.


  • EXTERNAL ADVERTISING: All faculty positions are automatically sources to the following SITES when the position is posted on Career Zone.
  • The Faculty Recruitment Plan forms (OFR Referrals, Ads, and Outreach) record the search committee efforts to increase the diversity of their applicant pools through advertising, outreach, and what actions were taken with the referrals sent to them from the Office of Faculty Recruitment. 
  • The Search Committee (SC) Member Composition briefly describes the position and identifies the search committee members and their role as well as the date they attended the required multicultural/bias awareness training.  This form gauges the SC composition as it relates to the national availability data.  The goal is to have similar representation on the search committees.

Other forms available on the Office of Faculty Recruitment Website:

Selection Criteria Rating Form (SCRF) 
A required form that shows how each applicant was rated against the required qualifications, who made it to the phone and onsite interview stages, and who was hired.  This data is critical in compiling the data for analysis and reporting to the provost and others.

Faculty Recruitment Checklist
Provides a step-by-step list of all of the actions that must be performed from req creation to hire and are presented using logical workflow grouping and sequencing. 

Mid-search Review/Certification
Records the national availability of PhDs in the discipline being searched, as well as the breakdown of the applicant pool composition and actions by gender and ethnicity (G&E).  This form must be signed off by the Dean to certify that the efforts put in to diversifying the pool as well as the actual diversity of the pool is adequate and closely reflects the national availability data.  This form is also available in Career Zone, however the the website version is represented in a table format which may be a preferred format for some users.

Applicant Review Phase

The hiring manager/search committee chair (or their designee who has the Requisition Management and Applicant Review user type) should move the applicants through the various stages of review by changing their Applicant Statuses (such as from 01-pending to 05-screening to Interview, etc.) Moving all applicants through each applicable status is critical to providing feedback to applicants and necessary data for university reporting and affirmative action plans.

After the mid-search review process, if an applicant is deemed to NOT meet the minimum required qualifications, they should be changed to "65-Application No Longer Being Considered". A candidate Disposition Form should pop up to prompt you to select a reason (candidates will not see the specific reason). If the disposition reason form does not pop-up, your pop-up blocker may be on and you will have to add the form for the individual candidates.

Updates by Applicants on Submitted Applications and Additional Attachments

Due to OFCCP regulations, applicants are not able to update their application or submit additional application documents to a particular job in the CZ system once they have submitted their application.  A request for additional documents may be made by the search team to the applicants by using one of the communication templates in the Career Zone system.  Search team members or the chair may then upload the applicant document(s) to Career Zone once received or keep the documentation separately and submit to HR. (Lori Sykes ljspsn@rit.edu after the search is over along with the interview notes for records retention.)


Pre-Offer Process


To begin the hiring process:

  1. Change the status of your top candidate to 45-Pre-Offer Process. The external status visible to the candidate will still show “Interview”.
  2. A Faculty Pre-Offer Approval form will pop up. If the form does not pop-up, you can access it by going to the candidate results panel for your requisition, locating your applicant and clicking on the FORMS icon next to their name.  (You may also select your candidate and go to Actions-Add Form.)
  3. Complete the form with information on your primary candidate and two alternate candidates and ‘Save’.  If assistance is needed with the salary offer amount or terms, please consult your HR Services Manager.
  4. You do not need to complete a separate form for each of your three finalist candidates.  If you need to make an offer to one of your alternates, another pre-offer form is NOT required.

You can obtain the diversity data of your candidates by going to their talent record and clicking on the EEO/Veteran's form or viewing the data in the candidate results panel on your applicant review portal.

  1. Print the form (Save the form before you print).  
  2. The printed form, along with the printed applicant materials (resume, cover letter, other related documents) for your top and two alternate candidates, must be forwarded to required approvers for "ink" signature.
  3. If at any time you would like to view your form, you can go to the forms icon for your primary candidate and click on the hyperlinked form name.
  4. Once your Dean/Dept Head approves it, the entire printed packet must be sent to Jennifer Mastrangelo in the Provost's Office, Eastman Building.
  5. Jennifer will contact you once the pre-offer has been approved.
  6. If at any time you would like to view your form, you can go to the forms icon for your primary candidate and click on the hyperlinked form name.

For security purposes, the pre-offer approval form is ONLY visible on the portal to the person who created the form and not to other members of the requisition team.


Offer Process

  1. Once the pre-offer approval form is fully approved, you can THEN make a verbal offer to the candidate and change the applicant status to: 45-OFFER EXTENDED.
  2. Once the verbal offer is accepted, you should create the Faculty Offer Letter by utilizing the following template:
  3. Receive back a signed copy of the offer letter.
  4. Once the candidate has formally accepted the offer, change the status of the applicant in Career Zone to 55-Candidate Accepted Offer
  5. When you are ready to complete the New Hire EAF in Career Zone, you should change the applicant status to 55- HIRE EAF.


Faculty Background Check Process

From Dr. Haefner

Background Check FAQ


Offers to Alternate Candidates

If you need to make an offer to one of the alternate candidates on your pre-offer approval form, you do NOT need to complete and process another pre-offer approval form.  Simply change the alternates to "45-Pre-Offer Status", close out the pre-offer form and then change them to "45-Offer" status and continue the same process as above for offers.


Processing the Faculty New Hire Employee Action Form (EAF)

  1. In Career Zone,candidate's status to 55-HIRE EAF
  2. The Faculty Hire EAF should pop up (if it does not pop-up, you can access the form by going to the candidate results panel for your requisition, selecting your applicant and either clicking on the FORMS icon next to their name OR going to Actions-Add Form).
  3. Route for approval based upon the requirements of the university and your business unit.
  4. Each EAF must have at least two approvals from the department (above the level of the hire). Levels that are not required by your unit can be bypassed.
  5. Once the form is fully approved, the role or person indicated to be notified upon approval will receive an email.
  6. HR Recruitment will change the candidate to: 95-Hire (Integrate to HRIS-HR use only). 
  7. Send the Signed Faculty Offer letter to Human Resources. Human Resources will process the new hire into the Oracle HR System.

Additional Help on EAF/Forms Process

  1. If anyone in the approval chain is holding up the approval process, you may contact them or their designate.
  2. If an approver is on vacation, an e-mail from them or someone acting on their behalf must contact Human Resources (staffrec@rit.edu ) about bypassing their approval and approving the form on their behalf. Whoever approves the form on their behalf will show as the approver on the form.
  3. Another notification can be sent by the form creator to the next approver by clicking on the button that says “ROUTE TO NEXT PENDING APPROVER”.
  4. If you would like to view where in the approval process your form is, you can refresh your forms page and click on the VIEW FORM icon.


Closing out your Requisition/Job Opening and Disposioning Applicants

It is extremely important that you final-disposition any remaining candidates on your requisition after you have processed your hire. This is a university AND Government OFCCP requirement and subject to audit.

  1. This is a two-step process of updating the Applicant Status and providing the reason by completing the Candidate Disposition Form that will pop-up in the system.
  2. Before you disposition, please make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off so that the disposition form can pop up for you to select a reason code.
  3. The recruitment offices will be unable to close your requisition until all of your remaining candidates are dispositioned, so your job will stay in OPEN (but NOT posted) status until this is done. The number in the ACTIVE candidates column of your “MY OPEN REQS” panel, will let you know if you still have candidates remaining.
  4. You may also refer to the following instruction document on applicant tracking and dispositioning:  Dispositioning Instructions (updating applicant statuses) in Career Zone

Please e-mail the HR Recruitment Office at staffrec@rit.edu once all of your applicants are dispositioned so they can close out your requisition.