Staff Recruitment Selection & Hire Process

Staff Recruitment Selection & Hire Process 

The Staff Recruitment Selection and Hire Checklist is a guide for hiring managers and search committees throughout the process of filling a position.

The PRE-HIRE process is outlined to assist in getting a position on Career Zone. Before creating your requisition, you must discuss the opening with your HR Services Manager.

The SELECTION AND HIRE process provides a guide to a successful search one the position is posted on Career Zone.

The POST-HIRE process lists the steps to close out your search once the person has been hired through Career Zone. 


NEW!  Staff Recruitment Background Screening

Effective April 5, 2017, the new hire background screening process for regular faculty and staff (not adjunct) hires will be done electronically through Career Zone. This process improvement will result in a better candidate experience and more efficient hiring process.

Staff Background Screening Workflow Overview

Staff-HR Status Update-Candidate Disposition Guide


NOTE: All new hires as a result of a posted position (both external/internal), must be hired through a Career Zone  at

 Additional Resources:

Dispositioning Instructions (updating applicant statuses) in Career Zone

Salary Offer Guidelines

Job Evaluation and Position Control

Quick Start Reference Guide for Common HR Administrative Transactions 

FOR SECURITY PURPOSES, some completed candidate forms (such as online Hire EAF and Pre-offer approval forms) in Career Zone are only viewable by the form initiator (person who completes the form).

Pre-Requisition Phase

Prior to creating a requisition, the Hiring Manager should work with their HRSM to determine department staffing needs.   For new or changed positions, you must submit a Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ).  The manager can consult with their HRSM on the job description and/or qualifications.  If you need a copy of an existing job description, you can access it through Oracle RIT Supervisor Self-Serve or email

Requisition Phase

Create a Career Zone Requisition at .

If you do not have permission to "add a req", send an email to

Edits to requisitions and posting and unposting of requisitions is done by Human Resources.  To request an edit or to remove your requisition from posting, please email .

Incremental Requisitions

Must first request a new PC number, then you can enter directly into Career Zone. See steps for filling a New Incremental Position-requires new position control number.

Replacement Positions

Enter directly into Career Zone system. See steps for filling an Existing (Replacement) Position for Faculty or Staff.

Budget Deviations on Requisition Form

The hiring manager should indicate any potential deviations from the position budget on the requisition (position budget can be found in Manager Self –Service Open and Filled Positions report).

You can begin reviewing your candidates via the Career Zone Manager Portal as soon as they apply.

Requisition Team
Individuals who you want to have access to reviewing applicants for your opening will need to be added to the requisition team either when the requisition is created; later by performing an update to team members on the requisition, or by contacting

How to create a direct link URL to your job posting on the STAFF Gateway

Just enter your BR number at the end of the URL.  You can also use the "Send to a Friend" functionality on the talent gateway to send the link.

External Advertising of Staff Positions

All staff jobs are automatically advertised to these SITES.

Applicant Review Phase

The hiring manager (or their designee) must move the applicants through the various stages of review by changing their applicant statuses (such as from pending to screening to interview, etc.) by the "UPDATE STATUS" function in Career Zone. If a candidate is selected for a PHONE INTERVIEW, their status should be changed to 20-Phone Interview. If the candidate is brought in for an on-site interivew, the status is changed to 30-Onsite Interview.

As soon as an applicant is deemed to NOT meet the minimum required qualifications, their status should be changed to "60-Application No Longer Being Considered".  A candidate Disposition Form should pop up to prompt you to select a reason (candidates will not see the specific reason).  If it does not pop-up, your pop-up blocker may be on and you will have to add the form for the individual candidates.

At any point in the process, you may update your applicants by sending them one of several email communication templates in the Career Zone System.

All internal candidates should be contacted via email, by sending a system communication or with a phone call.

Candidate Diversity — You can obtain the diversity data of your candidates by going to their talent record and clicking on the EEO/Veteran's form or viewing the data in the candidate results panel on your applicant review portal.

Application Updates by Applicants

Due to OFCCP regulations, applicants are not able to update their application or submit additional application documents to a particular job in the CZ system once they have submitted their application. A request for additional documents may be made by the hiring manager or the search team to the applicants by using one of the communication templates in the Career Zone system. Once received, the applicant document(s) can then be loaded to Career Zone.


Form Security

For security purposes, the pre-offer approval form is ONLY visible on the portal to the person who created the form and not to other members of the requisition team.

If assistance is needed with the salary offer amount, please consult your HR Services Manager.  

Offer Process and Background Screening Process

Please refer to the new process which is found at: 

Staff Background Screening Workflow Overview

Staff-HR Status Update-Candidate Disposition Guide



External Exempt Staff Offer Letter Template

External Non-Exempt Staff Offer Letter Template

Internal Staff Exempt Offer Letter Template 

Internal Staff Non-Exempt Offer Letter Template 

Post Doctoral Offer Letter

Addendum to Offer Letter Template

Staff Offer Letter Instructions


Processing the Staff New Hire Employee Action Form (EAF)

  • When you are ready to complete the New Hire EAF, you should change the applicant status to either:

    50-Prepare Hire EAF (Non-Colleges/Non-Provost Division)  or

    50-Prepare Hire EAF (Colleges/Provost/Acad Affairs Div Only)

    • If you are in non-Provost/Academic Affairs Divisions, the Staff New Hire EAF (NON-Provost/Colleges/Acad Affairs) should pop-up.
    • If you are in a College/Provost/Academic Affairs, the Staff New Hire EAF (PROVOST/COLLEGES/Acad Affairs ONLY) should pop up.  
    • If the correct form does NOT pop up, click on the FORMS icon in the candidate results grid or go to ACTIONS-Add Form).
  • Route for approval based upon the requirements of the university and your business unit.  There should be at least TWO departmental approvers on the EAF, plus your HRM and Staff Recruitment.  Each approver will receive a notification when it is time for them to approve.
  • Once the form is fully approved, the role or person indicated to be notified upon approval will receive an email.
  • If you would like to view where in the approval process your form is, you can refresh your forms page and click on the hyperlinked FORM name and scroll to the bottom of the form.

If anyone in the approval chain is holding up the approval process, you may contact them or their designate.  If they are on vacation, an email from them or someone acting on their behalf must contact Human Resources about bypassing their approval and approving the form on their behalf.  Whoever approves the form on their behalf will show as the approver on the form.

  • Upon approval, Human Resources will also be notified to enter the data from the EAF into the Oracle system.  This is not currently integrated with Oracle, so please allow time for the form to be manually processed in the Oracle HR system.
  • After the EAF is approved and sent to HR for processing, the Staff Recruitment Office will change the applicant to 90- Hire (Integrate to HRIS-HR Use Only)
  • You must disposition all remaining candidates in order for the requisition to be changed from Open to Closed.

Closing out your Requisition/Job Opening

It is extremely important that you final disposition any remaining candidates on your job opening after you have processed your hire.  This is a university AND Government OFCCP requirement and subject to audit.

The recruitment offices will be unable to close your requisition until all of your remaining candidates are dispositioned, so your job will stay in OPEN (but NOT posted) status until this is done.    The number in the ACTIVE candidates column of your “MY OPEN REQS” panel, will let you know if you still have candidates remaining.

Before you disposition, please make sure you pop-up blocker is turned off so that the disposition form can pop up for you to select a reason code.

You may also refer to the following instruction documents on applicant tracking and dispositioning:

Dispositioning Instructions (updating applicant statuses) in Career Zone

Dispositioning Powerpoint Presentation

Please email the Office of Staff Recruitment at once all of your applicants are dispositioned so they can close out your requisition.