Staff Recruitment


The Office of Talent Acquisition will strategically collaborate with your department to recruit and hire individuals who can become successful employees here at RIT. We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive community, one where employees feel a sense of belonging, are valued for their contributions, and the perspectives they bring. Our job is to understand your department needs and find candidates who help to meet this new opportunity.

Before you begin, partner with your Human Resources Manager (HRM) to determine the type of vacancy.

New Position

Replacement Position

Search Committee/Interview Team

The purpose of using a Search Committee is to increase the likelihood that a better hiring decision is reached through robust discussion aimed at surfacing unconscious bias and ensuring openness and inclusion during the candidate selection process.

Please review the Best Practices for Forming a Search Committee.

Required Training:

In an effort to increase the number of applicants and diversify applicant pools, hiring departments may be interested in advertising their position.

The RIT Diversity Outreach and Advertising Resource Guide provides recommended sites where jobs are posted and a frequently updated list of community partners.

All external job advertisements must be purchased through the Human Resource Department. Please contact your Staff Recruiter for further advertising assistance.

Increase your awareness of RIT’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our goal is to intentionally recruit diverse groups on campus to create a vibrant climate of inclusiveness while holding hiring managers accountable.

  • RIT leaders are strongly encouraged to leverage personal and professional social networks to promote your posting.

The hire process is about finding the right candidate to fill your vacancy. To help fill that position as quick as possible, we have created step-by-step guides covering the processes, responsibilities, and recommended practices for staff hiring.

Getting Started

Develop Recruiting and Hiring Strategy

Meet with your recruiter once the requisition is approved and posted to discuss a diverse recruitment strategy.

Candidate Selection and Interview Process

The interview process requires organization and preparation to successfully conduct interviews. Engage with your recruiter to develop a recruiting strategy keeping diversity and inclusion in mind throughout your process. Be sure to treat candidates equitably and ensure the questions are uniform for all candidate interviews. Your recruiter is available to assist and offer these valuable resources for the selection and interviewing of your candidates.

Post-Doc and Foreign National Hires

When reviewing your candidate pool in career zone, please check the candidate’s employment eligibility to work in the United States. Your staff recruiter can assist with this process.

Congratulations, you've found the right candidate for your job!

Once the final candidate has been determined, hiring managers must ask for three references for the candidate, if not already provided as part of the application process. If your finalist is a current RIT employee, we ask that you contact your recruiter to ensure that they are an employee in good standing.

Prior to making the offer, make sure you work with the college/division budget person and your HRM to determine the salary offer. HRM must approve final salary before offer can be made to the candidate. More information about this can be found in the Salary Offer Guide.

Once your HRM approves the salary, follow the steps in Candidate Pre-offer and Offer Guidelines to make your offer.

Important Update Regarding Payroll Cycles:

  • External Exempt and Non-exempt employees will be hired onto the biweekly payroll cycle.
  • Internal employees hired into an Exempt (Salaried) position will remain on their current payroll cycle, either biweekly or semimonthly.
  • Internal employees hired into a Non-exempt (hourly) position will be paid on the biweekly payroll cycle.

Offer Letter Templates

Offer letters are required for all candidates when the hire is made through Career Zone. Below are the most recent templates.

Notify candidates interviewed who are no longer being considered via phone or email. It is recommended as best practice that Hiring Managers complete this task with the best candidate experience in mind.

  • Collect all search documents from the committee. Follow the records retention guidelines for proper management of your search-related documents.
  • Send all search documentation via the Tiger File Exchanger to (preferred), or via interoffice mail to Office of Talent Acquisition, Eastman Hall, Room 1132.
  • Please reference the BR# with documentation.

Before you update the HR status to 50-New Hire EAF, make sure you have turned off your pop up blockers. The EAF form creator has access to the New Hire EAF draft before it is submitted for approval if changes need to be made.

Submit candidate's New Hire EAF to Review the Onboarding for Managers and Supervisors page for important instructions regarding I-9s and background checks.


We would also like to make you and your successful candidate aware of our Onboarding for Managers and Supervisors and New Employee Onboarding webpages. Here you will find helpful information and resources to assist with your new employee’s transition to their new position.

A complete guide for hiring at NTID, along with necessary forms and documents, can be found in the NTID Staff Hiring Process.

If you're hiring a temporary staff employee, check out the Hiring Temporary Employment page for specific instructions.

For information about hiring student employees, visit the Student Employment Office.

Recruitment and Interviewing Toolkit

The Recruitment/Interviewing Toolkit is a takeaway version of the hiring process information on this page for hiring managers. Recruitment for specific positions will vary somewhat. For most of our hiring situations, however, this toolkit will help you navigate through to the hiring and onboarding of your new employee. This toolkit is in no way intended to minimize interaction with your recruiter. As always, the Office of Talent Acquisition is available to assist you.

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