Re-Employment and Adjusted Length of Service


This policy applies to regular employees.


Policy Statement

When a former regular* university employee has had a break in service and is rehired, the employee may be eligible for service credit for the prior employment period.  Previous regular service** is any continuous employment at RIT as a regular employee for at least one year or complete duration of at least one academic year contract period.  If the former employee’s prior period of regular service is greater than the employee’s break in service, full credit is given for the previous regular service and there would be an adjusted date of hire.  If the break in service was longer than the prior period of regular service, no credit is given for the prior period of regular service.  Therefore, the date of rehire would become the employee’s date of hire.

Beginning with rehires on and after January 1, 2019, when there are multiple periods of regular service (i.e. hired, departed, rehired, departed, etc.), the duration of the most recent break in service period is compared to the duration of the most recent service period, using the prior date of hire (or adjusted date of hire, if applicable) to determine if the employee is eligible for service credit.

The date of hire or adjusted date of hire, if applicable, is used to determine benefits eligibility and any applicable waiting periods for all benefits; this does not apply, however, to the waiting period for the RIT matching contribution to the RIT Retirement Savings Plan.  Generally, all prior RIT service (regular, RIT temporary, adjunct, and student worker service) counts towards the waiting period for the RIT matching contribution, even if the rehired employee is not eligible for an adjusted date of hire.  Additionally, solely for purposes of the RIT Retirement Savings Plan, a rehired employee will not be deemed to have a break in service if the employee is rehired within 12 months.

Any prior service that was credited prior to January 1, 2019 will remain in effect for individuals who are employees on January 1, 2019; however, if an employee leaves RIT employment after January 1, 2019 and is later rehired by RIT again, the new rules would apply even with regard to the service that had previously been credited.

* Temporary, adjunct, and student workers are not regular employees.
** Temporary, adjunct, and student worker service does not qualify as regular service.


Policy History

Edited February 2019