Rochester Regional Health Find-a-Physician Service

Employees and pre-Medicare retirees enrolled in RIT’s medical plans can pay lower copays when receiving medical care from a Rochester Regional Health (RRH) physician compared to other networks; refer to the Medical Benefits Comparison Book for details.  

To help employees and pre-Medicare retirees locate a physician within the RRH network, use the Find a Doctor search tool.  

In addition, RIT receives a list of participating providers from RRH periodically and the list is posted in the Medical and Prescription Drug section of the HR website.  Since the list is very long you can search for any of the fields in the file (name, specialty, etc.) instead of printing it.  Simply hold down the Ctrl key (the ⌘ Command key for Macs) and press the F key, then enter the text you are searching for and click Next.

If you have any questions in your search for a provider, you can call the RRH-dedicated help line for RIT at (585)-922-7480/V.