Rochester Regional Health Find-a-Physician Service

Employees and pre-Medicare retirees enrolled in RIT’s medical plans can pay lower copays when receiving medical care from a Rochester Regional Health System (RRHS) physician compared to other networks.  To help employees and pre-Medicare retirees locate a new physician within the RRHS network, RRHS has a find-a-physician service just for RIT.

You can request a physician online at or by calling the dedicated phone line at (585)-922-7480/V.  You will be asked for your information and preferences, and the RRHS Call Center representative will contact physician practices and identify the next available new patient appointments that meet your needs.  Information about available appointments will be sent to you within 24-48 hours via e-mail or by home mailing, as you request.

The RRHS Call Center can schedule appointments at Rochester General Medical Group Offices directly.  For RRHS-affiliated doctors whose practices are not part of the Rochester General Medical Group, the Call Center can provide you contact information so you can schedule an appointment personally.