Posting a New Incremental Position - requires new position control number


Pre-hire Resources for Managers

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Post-Hire Resources for Managers


  1. Contact your Human Resources Services Manager to discuss your department needs
  2. Request a position control (PC) number to use in the Position Combination/Job Code field of the requisition by using the Position Setup Form
  3. Once you have your new PC#, you will need to enter it into a requisition in Career Zone and route the req for approvals.
  4. Once all approvals are obtained, the position will be posted by the recruiter to the RIT Career Site.
  5. Determine Advertising Needs
    • Ensure that Advertising locations will expose the position to a diverse applicant pool. If you need assistance with determining appropriate, cost effective advertising sources, please consult the Staff or Faculty recruitment offices
    • All ad copy should be submitted to the appropriate staff or faculty recruitment office for review before running the ad.