Absence Reporting


This policy applies to all staff employees.


Policy Statement

It is the employee's responsibility to ensure that the department is informed when illness or injury results in absence from work.



Employees who are unable to report to work should notify (or have someone else notify, if unable) their immediate supervisor prior to the start of their scheduled reporting time, and, to the extent feasible, provide as much notice as possible.  You do not need to give details about your medical condition, just let your supervisor know that you are unable to work.  The expected duration should be described during this initial phone call. It is further expected that ill or injured employees will inform their supervisor or department head if there is a change in the anticipated length of absence. Employees who fail to contact or arrange contact with their department will be considered to be on unauthorized leave. Should an employee be absent for an unauthorized leave of three consecutive working days, it may be grounds for dismissal.

In cases of a three-day unauthorized leave, the immediate supervisor should contact the appropriate Human Resources Services Manager, who will ensure that a certified letter is sent notifying the employee that termination will occur unless mitigating circumstances are present and can be proved.

RIT reserves the right in all cases of absence due to illness to have the individual examined by an appointed or approved physician prior to, or at the time of return to, active employment.

Employees with chronic illness or those with a pattern of sick leave absence may be asked to provide a physician's statement for each instance of absence due to illness. The supervisor should contact their Human Resources Manager before establishing this requirement.

For information on absence reporting for faculty, refer to Institute Policy and Procedures Manual, Faculty Employment Policies (E4.0).


Policy History

Edited August 2022