Jury Duty


This policy applies to all employees.


Policy Statement

The university recognizes the civic responsibility of its employees to serve as jurors when so summoned and all employees are excused for this purpose. Employees receive full pay for days spent on jury duty that occur during their scheduled work hours.

Employees not scheduled for jury duty prior to 1 p.m., or excused from jury duty prior to noon on any given day are expected to work for the portion of the day not required for jury duty. Time spent on jury duty does not count toward weekly overtime for non-exempt employees.

When the work of department would be seriously and significantly affected if employee were required to perform jury service as requested. Supervisors can ask employees to request jury duty service be rescheduled with the Commissioner of Jurors.




  • Notify supervisor as soon as possible of call for jury duty and the expected days of service
  • Keep supervisors informed of any changes in jury duty status of days of service
  • Non-exempt employees note any actual hours worked on time record and enter the Paycode "Jury Duty" for hours spent on jury duty


  • Record in department attendance files for exempt employees


Policy History

Edited June 2021