Nursing Mother Accommodation Policy


All RIT employees.


Rationale and Policy Statement

RIT respects the needs of nursing mothers who choose to express breast milk during work time when they return to work following the birth of a child. Accordingly, and in compliance with both Federal and New York State law, RIT provides support by allowing reasonable time away from work for employees who are nursing mothers to express breast milk, and makes reasonable efforts to provide a private room or other location in proximity to the work area for such activity. This accommodation is available up to three years following the birth of the employee's child.

Pay Status
Break time will be unpaid, unless the employee wishes to work before or after her normal shift (during normal work hours) to make up the time, or to substitute paid vacation or sick/personal time (hourly employees).

Notice Requirements
An employee must provide advance notice to her supervisor of her intent to avail herself of this policy; it is preferable that this notice be given prior to the employee's return to work from childbirth in order to ensure that any necessary arrangements can be made in support of the nursing mother. Time away from the employee's work location should be requested in accordance with the procedures applicable to her work unit. An employee may be required to postpone scheduled break time for no more than thirty minutes if she cannot be spared from her duties until appropriate coverage arrives.

Reasonable Break Time
Reasonable break time generally will be up to 30 minutes, including walking time, no more than three times per day. However, the required duration may vary, depending on individual needs and the proximity of the designated space to the employee's work location.

No employee who avails herself of this policy will be discriminated against as a result.

Lactation Room Locations
The room locations are as follows: HLC 2001, LBJ 3228, SAU A453, SUS 2138.


Responsible Office

Human Resources Department
Phone 475-2429
Office 5th Floor Eastman Hall


Effective Date

January 1, 2011.


Policy History

Updated January 30, 2020