Internal Posting Procedure


This policy applies to all employees.


Policy Statement

RIT posts open positions on its Career Web Site allowing internal candidates to identify themselves for consideration. Internal candidates must apply through the Career Web Site to be considered an applicant. Past performance appraisals are part of the review process when considering an internal candidate for the open position.

Instances in which certain positions are not posted:

  • Skill level promotions which are not classified as an open position.
  • Internal transfers or demotions deemed in the best interest of the employee and the university, and which occur as the result of the displacement, potential layoff or termination of an employee.
  • University obligations such as return from military leave.
  • Reallocation of positions or resources within an organizational unit.
  • Extensive departmental or divisional restructuring.
  • As a result of formal succession planning.

In cases of reorganization or reallocation of resources, the manager must work closely with the Human Resource Services Manager to ensure that all affected employees are permitted equal access to resulting promotional opportunities.

Other general recruiting, hiring and interviewing assistance for managers can be found here.


Policy History

Edited September 2010