Voluntary Separation/Termination


This policy applies to all regular staff employees.


Policy Statement

RIT staff may voluntarily terminate employment at any time. Reasonable notice is expected, generally one month for exempt staff and two weeks for non-exempt staff. To determine continuation of certain benefits beyond active employment, refer to the Benefits page on the HR web site.




  • Provide written notice to department supervisor/head
  • Complies with supervisor requests for action


  • To ensure complete and proper payment and to avoid overpayment, forward Termination Employee Action Form (EAF)  with employee's written notice to the Human Resources Department prior to the employee's last day of work.
  • Takes several actions to complete termination process prior to or on the employee's last day of work (such as the collection of RIT property, closure of university financial and computer accounts, etc.). A detailed termination checklist can be found on the HR Forms page.   This form must be completed and send to the Human Resources Department.

Human Resources Assistant

  • Processes separation paperwork
  • Sends out benefits information letter including COBRA notification and life insurance portability information


Policy History

Edited September 2010