Retirement Plan Offerings

RIT works very hard to ensure that our employees' best interests are met when they invest for their retirement in RIT's Plan. The University offers employees a number of investment options that are identified and reviewed by our expert national consultant, CAPTRUST, along with the RIT Retirement Savings Plan Investment Committee. Our goal is to provide a diverse but limited set of asset classes so that employees can make investment decisions on asset allocations that are appropriate for their risk tolerance and return objectives.


RIT's lineup of investment offerings is presented in four tiers:

  • Tier One, a series of target retirement date funds from Vanguard Group Inc. This is the default option for employees automatically enrolled in the Plan.
  • Tier Two, a core group of several passive and active mutual funds from a variety of firms.
  • Tier Three, which consists of three TIAA annuities.
  • Tier Four, a self-directed brokerage account for employees who wish to expand their investment choices outside of the RIT program oversight. Employees choosing this options must acknowledge they assume full responsibility for selecting funds and monitoring their actions.


TIAA is the record keeper for Tier Three; Fidelity is the record keeper for the other tiers as well as being the Master Administrator for the Plan. This means that you have the streamlined ability to enroll in the Plan through Fidelity and make contribution changes, whether you contribute to Fidelity, TIAA, or both. 

The investment offerings under the Plan are listed in the table below. Many of these are institutional funds that are not available to investors in the retail market, which means lower fees for participants. You will find historical fund performance as well as the expense ratio (i.e., fees) for each fund on the Fidelity and TIAA websites.


Investment Offerings

Fixed Income

Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Money Market (Active) Vanguard Vanguard Federal Money Market Fund
Inflation-Protected Bond (Active) Vanguard Vanguard Inflation-Protected Securities Fund
Bond Market Index (Passive) Vanguard Vanguard Total Bond Market Index
Diversified Bond Fund (Active) PIMCO PIMCO Total Return Fund


Target Retirement Date Funds

Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Target Retirement Date Funds (Passive) Vanguard Vanguard Target Retirement Date Fund Series


U.S. Equity

Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Large Cap Core (Passive) Vanguard Vanguard Institutional Index
Large Cap Growth (Active) Fidelity Fidelity Contrafund
Large Cap Growth (Active) Calvert Calvert Equity Portfolio SRI
Large Cap Value (Active) T. Rowe Price T. Rowe Price Institutional Large Cap Value Fund
Small/Mid Cap (Passive) Fidelity Fidelity Extended Market Index
Small/Mid Cap Growth (Active) Lord Abbett Lord Abbett Developing Growth Fund
Small/Mid Cap Value (Active) Royce Royce Opportunity Fund


Non-U.S. Equity

Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Non-U.S. Equity (Passive) Vanguard Vanguard Total International Stock Index
Non-U.S. Equity (Active) Dodge & Cox Dodge & Cox International Stock Fund


Real Estate

Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Real Estate (Active) Cohen & Steers Cohen & Steers Institutional Realty Shares



Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Money Market Annuity TIAA CREF Money Market
Fixed Rate Annuity TIAA TIAA Traditional
Global Equity Annuity TIAA CREF Stock


Self-Directed Brokerage Account

Asset Class Firm Fund Name
Many different asset classes Mutual Fund Window Diverse funds


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