The purpose of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) Council is to provide guidance and direction for the development and management of EIM framework components.

Guiding Tenets

The following are guiding tenets of the EIM Council:

  • Data are a university-wide resource
  • Data consumers and providers are stewards of the University's information
  • Information security is a value and is inherent in all of the Council initiatives
  • Business need is a driving feature behind access to the data


  • Jodi Boita
  • Richard Dirmyer
  • Kevin Dudarchik
  • Joan Graham
  • Julie Hawk
  • Joe Loffredo
  • Dave Pecora (chair)
  • Colleen Peterson
  • Beth Prince-Bradbury (chair)
  • Patrick Saeva
  • Kin Sejpal
  • Jackie Taylor
  • Anne Wahl