Carpooling at RIT

Why Carpooling?

In an effort to reduce RIT’s overall carbon footprint, Parking and Transportation Services is providing an added incentive to employees who carpool to RIT. Each registered carpooler will pay a fraction of the normal price based on the number of people in the carpool (ex: someone in a 2-person carpool will pay 50% the normal price). 


How it Works

Applications for the Carpool Program can be completed online (preferred). Alternatively, you can fill out an application available in the Parking & Transportation office in Building 25 (Grace Watson Hall). A consent, disclaimer and release form must be signed by all persons joining the carpool program before a parking permit is issued.



In order to maintain the privileges entitled to members of the RIT Carpool Program, permit holders must abide by the program policies.

  • A carpool will consist of a minimum of two RIT employees
  • Carpool riders may only belong to one carpool
  • On-campus residents are not eligible to participate
  • Carpool permits are not valid on motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds
  • Participants with registered vehicles will each be issued 24 one-day scratch-off cards per year
  • Parking & Transportation must be immediately notified of any change in status
  • Any falsifying of information or misuse of a carpool permit can result in a one-year revocation of parking privileges at the University

Be sure to check out our tips for successful carpooling.

If you have any questions about carpooling, you can see if they have already been answered on our Carpooling FAQ page. If not, feel free to submit a question via our webform and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks for Going Green!